Anyone else sticking with their 917/15/any previous Titleist model of the TS2/3?

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Fellow WRXers,

I recently had the opportunity to test the TS2 (inside) and a TS3 outside and I have to say that I was slightly disappointed in not only the performance, but also the look as well. I could just never get comfortable over either model. I currently have a 917D3 that I'm just super confident with (I do not consider myself a "long player" but I have averaged 10-12 fairways per round over the course of the last season with the 917.) It has the tear drop shape and deeper face that has appealed to me for a long time. I went to the John Deere Classic this year and noticed that a bunch of the tour guys had the TS headcovers but were still gaming a few of the older models. I was just curious if anyone have had similar experiences with the new ones. I see constant increases of 10-20 yards online but even with the multiple shafts I've hit I haven't seen anything that was worth the 5 bill upgrade. Any feedback would be much appreciated!!



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    I will probably stick with the 917 I have. The TS range looks amazing but I did not see any noticable difference in performance. 917 sounds better in my opinion as well image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    My 915fd 5w isn’t flinching. Especially for a club that already goes the yardage I need it to, zero need. Although I’m sure the TS lineup plays almost identical. Really nice shaft lineup is the only intrigue to upgrade. I think if you’re in the 913 series you may take a glance but 915/917 owners won’t
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    Im sticking with my 915 D2 for now, if I wasn't broke it may be a different story. .
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    I'm currently using a 915D4, and couldn't be happier. Perfect combo of accuracy, low spin, and distance. I've put many drivers against it, and nothing has unseated it yet. I will try the TS3 against it, with same shaft, Pro Orange, but it will have to be straighter and longer to win!
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    Haven’t tested the new TS range yet but it will take a lot to replace my 910 D2!
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    I'll very likely be staying with my 917D3. I haven't tried the TS3, but I think it's very unlikely that there are any improvements. The last Titleist driver I loved as much as the 917 was my 975LFE. New definitely does not mean better, and Titleist lost me for years with their driver line. Remember the 907's?
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    GMR2iron wrote:

    I'm currently using a 915D4, and couldn't be happier. Perfect combo of accuracy, low spin, and distance. I've put many drivers against it, and nothing has unseated it yet. I will try the TS3 against it, with same shaft, Pro Orange, but it will have to be straighter and longer to win!
    Loved the D4 minus the sound.
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    For me, the TS3 is the nicest driver i’ve seen in a long time. Anyone who has been properly fit and is expecting gains of 10+ yards will be sorely disappointed in any new club over the last 5 or more years IMO. At this point I’m just glad that a Titleist driver keeps the spin down right out of the gate. With some tweaking this driver will be deadly.

    I also don’t get how some people buy the driver (or any driver for that matter) brand new and decide that it isn’t for them after one range session or bad round (not necessarily you OP). Maybe they can repeat the same swing a lot more than I can but I’ve had some days that I want to snap the club in half but it’s me and not the driver. Wouldn’t 5-10 rounds or range sessions give you a better idea? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about to HO’ing life but I know it’s me and not the club. I also don’t see anything wrong with sticking with what you have. If it ain’t broke...
  • skeets1987skeets1987 Members Posts: 91 ✭✭
    nbigg I totally get what you're saying. I am by no means implying the TS drivers are a failure or necessarily worse. I just think that Titleist went from their traditional classic look to having more of a shape like the Rogue or M series. (to be more aerodynamic or whatever.) My point was that I spent the majority of a good size bucket comparing the 917 to the TS3 outside and the TS2 inside. I was just instantly disappointed by the look, sound, feel and performance. You may be right that if ain't broke..

  • SuddziesSuddzies Members Posts: 74 ✭✭
    I'm playing the 915 and see no reason to change, the ball just goes too straight. Plan on testing the Z785 soon, but that's just because I could not pass up the deal it got, still in the plastic for now.
  • gibsonsg4gibsonsg4 Members Posts: 127 ✭✭
    sticking with tour issue 917f3 15* and 917f2 18*
  • BrockPSUBrockPSU Members Posts: 243 ✭✭
    I have the 915 and is far from broke but still very interested in trying the TS2,TS3 to see if the hype is real or not.
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  • PatsNationPatsNation Members Posts: 1,502 ✭✭
    I went and hit the 917 F2 vs the TS2/TS3 Fairways same shafts. Bought the F2 for cheap
  • jranderson110jranderson110 Members Posts: 95
    Love my 917D3. Haven't tried the TS seriese, but don't feel the need to change drivers for quite some time.
  • Golf64Golf64 Go Habs Go! Ontario, CanadaMembers Posts: 7,721 ✭✭
    Been demoing G400, Rogue, F8, along with others. The new TS drivers showed up and having been testing them. I struggle with driver and find the TS the best fit for me. Liking the TS2 fairways too. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    I'm sticking with my 917 D3 and 917 F2. Solely on the fact that I'm broke. I want to go to the TS3 with a Tensei shaft, but dont think ill replace my F2. Most money club in my bag.

    That being said, I do love the pear shape and deep face of my d3, dont know if the ts3 will be the same
  • MRL1984MRL1984 Members Posts: 240 ✭✭
    I am on board with the 917 D3 and most likely an F2 at 15 degrees. (Accidentally got an F3 in my attempt to get a back up F2) I have no real interest in changing my woods. I prefer the grey head as well.
  • jppatton2jppatton2 Members Posts: 96 ✭✭
    Sticking with my 917D3 and 917F2. I’m not going to go out of my way to test the TS2 or TS3, but if I am in the right place at the right time I will give it a run. When has a new driver/fairway wood series from nearly any manufacturer not been surrounded by hype of big gains, lower spin, and a straighter ball? I am happy with what I have in the bag and frankly a new driver isn’t going to change my game.

    The only time I ever change is when I get in a rut I can’t seem to work my way out of. Sometimes you just need to look down at something different. Until then...
  • Nixhex524Nixhex524 ClubWRX Posts: 4,009 ClubWRX
    I picked up a TS3 after being really impressed with the demo in the store... Feel and sound really stood out to me, but having my own personal TS3, it's not quite the same as the one I demoed. Feel is nowhere near as good and it sounds a lot like the 915 to me, which (no offense to anyone) I think is their worst line of the newer lines. I may try and stick it out for a little longer but I think if you have a 917 and are happy with it, there is no reason to change. The TS2 felt even better than the TS3 to me but the shape looks too much like the 915 D2 to my eye, just not a fan of the look but I am considering giving it a try anyway.
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  • CDLgolfCDLgolf Members Posts: 835 ✭✭
    I went to a demo day last week with my 913d2 in hand. I fully expected to find a combo that would be much better.

    After a going back and forth between mine and the TS2 several times and with a few different shafts in the TS2 we concluded for me the performance was very similar. Put a good swing on both and get a good result. Put a mediocre swing on it and get a mediocre result.

    So for now I'm staying with what I have.
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  • postfoldpostfold oh how I LOVE putting Members Posts: 362 ✭✭
    Haven't demoed the TSs yet but I'm pretty underwhelmed by the 915 drivers that I've been rotating this season. I could easily see a replacement happening.
  • rufus manglerrufus mangler Members Posts: 1,664 ✭✭
    I'll reply for all the others like me. Please don't ban me.

    A lot of people don't change because it's new.
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  • Millhill88Millhill88 Members Posts: 481 ✭✭
    Keeping the 915, 5 Wood in the bag, but going to the TS2 with the Hazrdus Smoke 70 shaft for the 3 Wood. I find it a bit longer than the 915 3 wood, and considerably more controllable. Especially when I get aggressive and jump on it.
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  • ctmason_98ctmason_98 TOTALLY outta the bag... Members Posts: 1,827 ✭✭
    Still have my 915. I’ve found nothing better to hit it in the sh— with.
  • 0psi0psi Members Posts: 72
    I've tried so many drivers in the past 6-8 months in the effort to get something I feel comfortable with. Now I can hit a driver well (I also compete in Long Drive comps) but when I miss I really miss. As such I'm often scared to pull driver on anything but the widest fairways.

    On the list of things I've either had in the bag or hit on an outdoor range include:

    Epic SZ

    2017 M1

    Srixon Z765


    G400 LST

    917 D2

    915 D3

    Callaway GBB DBB

    Callaway Rogue

    Mizuno JPX 900

    Mizuno GT 180

    Mizuno ST 180

    Of all of those the best one I used was the 917 D2 but I did feel I was giving up a smidge of distance compared to some of the others and it spun up a little too much for me. Middled shots were as good as anything else but I got some big drop offs on off centre hits and hitting into the wind was terrible. When the TS drivers were released I thought that was going to be the magic bullet for me, something I'm confident will go where I want it to but with a little more distance and a little less spin. I asked my Pro about fitting days price etc. yesterday and it would be a while before I'd be able to get my hands on one through him if I wanted to get fitted. Then he threw a spanner in the works by giving me a silly cheap price on a 917 D3.

    Took it out on course and any ideas I had of getting a TS driver have gone out the window for now. Unless I magically get another 20 yards out of a TS driver (which I doubt) I can't imagine the D3 will be leaving my bag any time soon. Love the sound, love the feel and I'm confident it will go where I want it to. A lot of other drivers I've used feel like you're stepping up with a cannon, this is a scalpel.

    I maybe gave up a couple of yards but I channeled my inner Mark Crossfield and asked if I scored better with this in the bag. I hit more fairways and GIR with this in the bag than anything else I've used recently. It will be a tall order for a TS to knock my D3 out of the bag but I'll be sure to report back once I've been fitted for one.
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  • DickieThonDickieThon Members Posts: 1,100
    I relented and put a 915f in my bag this year because it was clearly a better club than the 910f, but I’ve seen no gains from the driver since the 910 so I’m sticking with it until something beats it out. The TS would have to give me 15-20 yards more without a drop off in accuracy to get my attention.
  • Hat TrickHat Trick Members Posts: 552 ✭✭
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    913D3... I hit it straight and about 230 carry with a 97-99 mph SS. Maybe I could gain a few more yards with something new, but I'd rather save $500 right now and keep playing to my 4 hcp. Because when it is all said and done it really is about lowering our scores right?
  • pdaeropdaero Lefty Boomers Posts: 6,021 ✭✭
    I had a 915D2 for a while (still have it) and upgraded to the 917D2 last fall, and have had amazing performance from it - I will not be upgrading for sure. I've never hit more 300+ yard drives than with this thing, and I'm in love with the feel and sound.
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  • LowDimeLowDime Members Posts: 109 ✭✭
    I want to hit one on a real range outside and be able to watch the ball flight and not have to have a taped face. I currently have a 913 d3 head that i like, and a Taylor Made 2016 m1 that i just picked up on a trade that i really like the feel of. I could use something a little lower ball flight, on both of those. I thought my 9x attas would give me that in the 913 head but i still hit it a little high. Now my 910f 4 wood is definitely on the chopping block up for replacement.
  • GemGem Members Posts: 1,096 ✭✭
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    I bought a TS3 last Friday and whilst it is nice I probably prefer my M4.

    Both 8.5 degrees and tried the same shafts although I bought it with the Evenflow White.

    I'll give it a couple of rounds but good chance I will stay with the M4.

    I've not gamed a Titleist driver since the 983E and K heads but this does seem much better and with low spin.
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