Miura PP 9003 - Shaft Question


I have managed to pick up some brand new heads for the above and was looking to now purchase some shafts.

I cannot find anything online on the tip diameter for the 9003's! Does anybody know if these are 0.355 Tapered or 0.370 Parallel?


Also, if anybody has a recommendation for a shaft that was dynamite in these please feel free to suggest. I was fit to a KBS Tour R+ in my Wishon 560MC's.


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    They are 0.355 tapered tips ...unless they were reamed larger.

    I have set of KB Tour 110 Reg flex in a set of Passing Point Straight Necks.

    However they are new and never played.

    Available if interested.
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    All the years I worked at Miura, most of the PP 9003's went out with Aerotech Steelfiber i80 or i95.... I played them with i95 "S" soft stepped once....awesome combination. As above...any .355 tapered shaft that suits you.
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    Love the PP9003SN's; I have a set with the black finish and Recoils installed. I'm not gaming them presently, but I'll never part with them.
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  • Thank you all!
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