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What is your biggest difference in 9 hole score during a 18 hole round? Tale of two nines

 NM44 ·  
NM44NM44  116WRX Points: 25Members Posts: 116
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I just wonder how many people have had what happened to me yesterday happen to them. I Started off my round yesterday triple,double,triple,double, quad to be +14 after only 5 holes. Made one more bogey on 8 and mixed three pars in for a even 50 on the front. Not my best stuff for sure. Make the turn and par the first 5 hole. Then finish with two bogeys and a stupid double on 18 to shoot a 40 on the back(which for me is a very good 9 hole score). 10 strokes under what i did on the front. Id consider the two nines equally challenging on paper. So im sure you guys have some good stories of nines being total opposites so lets hear them!
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  • SilverBulletsSilverBullets BMW  5914WRX Points: 197Members Posts: 5,914
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    52-37 earlier this year. I was coming off a wrist injury. I had taken 3ish months off and was playing my 5th round in 3 days (golf trip). The wrist was acting again and my short game was a disaster.

    I took a 6 on the first 8 holes of the round... 2 bogies, 2 triples, 4 doubles. Felt completely lost. The worst part was I hit every fairway during the 52. So my 52 was completed with no penalty strokes.

    Something clicked on #9 and I suddenly found my game. Shot +1 over the final 10 holes LOL
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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • hack2489hack2489  239WRX Points: 23Members Posts: 239
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    Playing off an 18 handicap,

    I shot 11 over on the front 9, and an even par back 9 at the start of this year.

    As I posted elsewhere on here, I was 2 under on the back 9 through the 17, but managed to double bogey the last.

  • SelahViSelahVi  45WRX Points: 5Members Posts: 45
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    36-51. US Open local qualifier when I was 19. 74 advanced to sectionals. Drew a bad lie in a greenside bunker on 11, made double, and completely imploded.
  • MarkripMarkrip Boss fan 62  1725WRX Points: 256Members Posts: 1,725
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    I shot a 40 then a 50.
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    3w- Adams Tight Lies 2 16
    Hybrid - Cobra F8 19
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  • stevopagolfstevopagolf  1494WRX Points: 135Members Posts: 1,494
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    12 is my record done it 3x.
  • dgarlanddgarland So I got that going for me... which is nice.  117WRX Points: 65Members Posts: 117
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    34-44 for me
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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • balata9999balata9999  129WRX Points: 63Members Posts: 129
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    First time I shot 29 I came in with a cool 42 on the back. Second time wasnt much better.
  • BensdadBensdad Never thought I'd still be playing this good!  144WRX Points: 88Members Posts: 144
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    Managed to pull off a 31-40 once. Thinking about a new course record then teed off on 10. Never mind.
  • MichaelJScottMichaelJScott SchruteFarms  286WRX Points: 29Members Posts: 286
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    32-48. yikes
  • NJPhilNJPhil  156WRX Points: 98Members Posts: 156
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    51 - 39 earlier this year. I played holes 10 through 16 even before finishing double, bogey. I haven't put two solid nines together in my last twenty, if I'm consistent it is 45-45, but is usually 40-49. I've shot too many 89s this year.
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  • SuddziesSuddzies  82WRX Points: 13Members Posts: 82
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    Once shot 29 on the front, par 35. It started raining on the ninth green as I sank an eagle putt. The group wanted to wait out the storm in the 19th hole. An hour later, it was decided to pay off the bets and cancel the rest of the round. I went out alone to play out what could have been my best round ever, but shot 40 on the back. Rained the whole nine, but the pocket full of cash I won on the front help keep my spirits up.
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • TheGeekGolferTheGeekGolfer Just beat the Huskies! Go Cougs!  1439WRX Points: 114Members Posts: 1,439
    Joined:  #13
    Last night... 47 (+11) on front, 36 (even par) on the back.
  • SelahViSelahVi  45WRX Points: 5Members Posts: 45
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    Suddzies wrote:

    Once shot 29 on the front, par 35. It started raining on the ninth green as I sank an eagle putt. The group wanted to wait out the storm in the 19th hole. An hour later, it was decided to pay off the bets and cancel the rest of the round. I went out alone to play out what could have been my best round ever, but shot 40 on the back. Rained the whole nine, but the pocket full of cash I won on the front help keep my spirits up.

    The good Lord would never interrupt the greatest round of your life!
  • High Draws Low FadesHigh Draws Low Fades  74WRX Points: 25Members Posts: 74
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    Went 54-36 on a 35,36 course 8 years back. Never played so bad on the front and at the time was as good as I could play on the back. Talk about a "new me" on the back 9.
    Ping G400 LST 8.5
    Callaway GBB Epic 15
    Titleist 818 H2 21 or Ping G410 Crossover 17
    Ping i210 4-U
    Cleveland RTX 4 54, 58
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  • AndyC76AndyC76  77WRX Points: 54Members Posts: 77
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    Last weekend I had a best ever 39 on the front in the rain.

    Rain stopped on the back and I promptly shot a 49. I knew I played the front well, but as soon as my partner told me I shot 39 I had the mental effect take over.
  • RRHRRH  324WRX Points: 89Members Posts: 324
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    Local muni, 4700 yards, Par 65. Super fun little course, and the quickest way to get 18 in before work.

    Par 33 on front, Par 32 on back.

    I always start out cold first thing and frequently will go 8-9 over on the front, just from warming up. Then on the back I will frequently shoot even par. So 42-32 for me.

    Frustrating because I really want to hit 65 on this course, but my best so far is 70. Only been truly serious about golf for this summer though, so I'm hoping to keep improving. My putting is always good, but my tee game is lacking when the big stick comes out. Thankfully on this course, I can leave the driver at home.

    It's so hard to put 18 holes together well.
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • Rapatt95Rapatt95 wow  570WRX Points: 65Members Posts: 570
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    53-39 in tournament play in college. Started on the par 5 18th (shotgun) and made an 8 on that hole. Then I shoot 39 on the front. I get to the 10th hole, another par 5, and put up another 8.

    The guys I was playing with had to have been confused as to what they witnessed
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  • Roadking_6Roadking_6  2482WRX Points: 70Members Posts: 2,482
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    My club championship this year........16 shot differential

    I hit 2 OB on 1 and 2 (with a 4 iron on 1 and 2 iron on 2). Was +9 through 2 holes. Had four Snowmen or worse on the front 9. Had to take 3 unplayables on the front. started to become comical actually.

    Double of Jameson at the turn, and come out guns blazing. Birdie on 10, a 230 yard par 3. I was even (on the back) through 16. On 17, toe hooked one with a 2 iron and ended up having to take an unplayable. Another snowman and par on 18. If not for that bad tee shot on 17, I would have reached the 20 stroke differential of 56-36.

    It was something to behold.
  • anthanth From the Land Down Under  2783WRX Points: 198Members Posts: 2,783
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    36 front nine.

    53 coming in.

    It happens...
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  • pholwaypholway  507WRX Points: 108Members Posts: 507
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    36 front nine - with no birdies, 9 grind it out pars. Best 9 of my life.

    51 on the back, #10 is a par 5, send the tee shot into a fairway bunker, terrible 2nd shot to the rough, 3rd goes left of the green, 4th chip to about 15 feet and 3 putt for a double and the wheels came off.

    R Flex Pride..

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  • ryanmac89ryanmac89  26WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 26
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    50 front, 38 back
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • sevenfouratesevenfourate Devotee of OCD ENGLAND. 1881WRX Points: 140Members Posts: 1,881
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    3 day comp at Carnoustie, Panmure and Kingsbarns in October (?); when i was an Assistant Pro many-many years ago.

    Day 1 - Kingsbarns. Weather was ok'ish, I played like a donkey = 80

    Day 2 - Panmure. Weather was fab - played as a good as i could = 69

    Day 3 - Carnoustie. Weather fine front 9 = +1. Then the rain came in sideways, blowing a gale - i tried my hardest on every single shot = 89.

    3 completely different days and scores; the last day culminating in 37 front nine and 52 back nine image/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':crazy:' />
    Regards - 'Shuv'

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  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area. 25142WRX Points: 2,120ClubWRX Posts: 25,142
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    55 on the front, 33 on the back. Hit the ball just as well on the front but had some incredibly funky bounces.
  • DK<80DK<80  275WRX Points: 38Members Posts: 275
    Joined:  #25
    49 / 36 (teed of on 10)

    +13 on the first nine.

    Birdie-par-birdie to start the back....then a double. Made 5 pars in for the 36 (my first 36 ever)
    Cobra King LTD 10.5°
    Titleist 917F2 15°
    TaylorMade r9 19°
    Titleist 712 AP2 (4-PW)
    Cleveland 588 (53°, 58°, 64°)
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  • t91t91  11WRX Points: 10Members Posts: 11
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    What scorecard app is that you are using?
  • FLOGMRFLOGMR  1288WRX Points: 128Members Posts: 1,288
    Joined:  #27
    Not me....but I played in a tournament a few years back with a guy who was a 10 H'cap....he shot 39-72 ............ Yup....that was 72 strokes on the back 9 to shoot 111 for the round. Yippee...NET 101 image/stink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':stink:' />

    To be fair...there was some booze involved,,,, he was doing a little drinking as he played image/swoon.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':swoon:' />
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  • MarkFromTheUKMarkFromTheUK  4639WRX Points: 141Members Posts: 4,639
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    32/48. Beer was involved.
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    Toulon Indianapolis - 34.5”
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    Bridgestone Tour B X

    KaBoom Baby!
  • lwestbylwestby  44WRX Points: 18Members Posts: 44
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    43 - 33

    33 had 5 birdies and 2 bogies
  • MaineMarinerMaineMariner  599WRX Points: 350Members Posts: 599
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    A few weeks ago I pulled off a 43 out, 53 in.

    I took a 9 on the 14th hole, with two penalty strokes to boot. That hurts.
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    Adams Tight Lies 16 deg. 4 wood
    Srixon Z H45 3 & 4 hybrid
    Srixon Z 565 irons, 5 - AW, Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120
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    Callaway MD4 W Grind 60 deg.
    Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 / Toulon Austin
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • kmay__kmay__ niagara, ontario, canada.  401WRX Points: 203Members Posts: 401
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    Last weekend went 58-43, blew my brains out on the front, made 5 straight pars coming in on the back. 101 total (never broken 100, shoot 40s on 9 regular but cant put 18 together)
    TM 17' M2 9.5*
    Cobra Baffler 3w 16*
    PING G30 4h 22*
    TM R11 5 - PW
    Mizuno MP-T5 50*, 54*
    Callaway PM Grind 60* (the greasy Phil)
    SC studio select Newport 2 mid-slant

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