What is your biggest difference in 9 hole score during a 18 hole round? Tale of two nines



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    Shot 54-40 today.

    The weird thing is that I was striking the ball reasonably well on the front, but I just caught every bad break one could have, and hit a few terrible shots but oddly I wasn’t that mad because again I could feel that I was close.

    Got to #10, caught my first break of the round and just missed a birdie. Something just clicked in my mind on that hole after the good break. After that, I basically didn’t miss a shot until a stupid decision on 18. And my only swing thought on the back was “don’t hit it hard”. And guess what? The ball was going forever. It was the most effortless power I’ve ever felt. I was reaching places on the course I’ve never reached. And that was all I thought about...just don’t hit it hard.

    I hope I can bottle that feeling.

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  • FlyingLaw1FlyingLaw1 MO 880WRX Points: 143Handicap: 4.4Members Posts: 880 Golden Tee
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    47-38 on Friday. Played terrible on the front. Double 10 and finally started to figure a few things out. Played the last 4 holes in even. Played Saturday and improved even more.
    My first 4 rounds to start the 2019 season.... 98-87-85-76. All on the same course from the same tees.

  • hm59hm59 MD 324WRX Points: 93Members Posts: 324 Greens
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    Shot 45-36 back when I was about 18-19 years old on a par 72. Finished the back 9 with an eagle on 18 and that was the first time I ever shot even par for a 9.

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    Im approx 18 handicap, yesterday i went out in 59 (par 35) and came back in 44 (par 37). Had a lesson last week where we changed my hands at adress and it just did not click on the front 9, culminating in a 10 on the 414yd par 4 9th. What makes it worse was that my driver was on fire. Missed 1 fairway front and and 1 back, both only marginally and not in trouble. Difference being a tonne of fat irons and chips front 9 while trying to get to grips with the changes. Fingers crossed that the back 9 is the form im going to carry through this season, and not the front 9.

  • rdangelo1077rdangelo1077  148WRX Points: 45Handicap: 7Members Posts: 148 Fairways
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    Just shot 45-35 this past weekend. It was a perfect example of short game saving strokes (or in this case not). I didn't hit bad approach shots in but could not get up and down to save my life until we got to the back nine.

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  • cheers big earscheers big ears  183WRX Points: 89Members Posts: 183 Fairways
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    34 44 for 78. Brutal.

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  • dbrew23dbrew23  109WRX Points: 62Members Posts: 109 Fairways
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    I’m sure I’ve had bigger splits, but one that sticks out the most was 40-32. Started on 10 shot +5 with a birdie and 4 bogies and a double. Played the front -4 with 5 birdies and a bogie. Finished +1

  • Pete O'TubePete O'Tube  385WRX Points: 121Handicap: 6Members Posts: 385 Greens
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    As a young lad in Scotland I was 6 over after 9 - out in 41. Came back in 30 - 4 under. Ridiculous, I holed out from everywhere.

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  • shortstop20shortstop20 Hit 'em straight! South Dakota 1169WRX Points: 142Handicap: 6Members Posts: 1,169 Platinum Tees
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    I went 50-34 once, during a tournament.
    Par was 36-36.

  • JoelsimJoelsim  1362WRX Points: 489Handicap: 12Members Posts: 1,362 Platinum Tees
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    Just last week. Fair to say I had a bit of a nightmare on the back 9 including a 10.

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    40-51 at Carnoustie. Started the round with a double, bogey and bogey. Righted the ship with the help of a birdie on Hogan’s Alley. Another double to start the back, made par on 11 then the wind started to really pick up and all turned to s**t.

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  • Frisco KidFrisco Kid  213WRX Points: 103Members Posts: 213 Fairways
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    Shot a 48 on the front and 39 on the back just last week. Went straight from the car to the pro shop then the tee box....guess it took 9 holes to warm up.

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    44-34 about 20 years ago. Something about getting some "muscle lube" at the turn and the "don't give a crud" attitude (I said something else that I can't type here). I often try this technique today but it doesn't work as good as it did back in the day when I had some game.

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  • marmadukmarmaduk  254WRX Points: 175Members Posts: 254 Greens
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    Yesterday I shot a 51/40 (91). I got so mad I went out for a second round that day and shot a 42/39 (81).
    That’s an 11 shot difference on front back as well as a 10 shot difference for both games. I wish this represented the trend of my game.

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    I shot a 51-40 this weekend but the odd part was we stated on the 14th hole and I played 14 thru 18 in 2 over. Got to the front and shot a 51 with no penalties and then finished the back 10 thru 13 par, bogey, bogey, par for a 40.

  • MychMych  2096WRX Points: 346Members Posts: 2,096 Platinum Tees
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    I'm sure it's not my worst difference, but I shot 46/38 yesterday. Couldn't do much of anything right for the first 5 holes (8 over), then played pretty well for the last 13 holes (4 over).

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  • agolf1agolf1  1845WRX Points: 1,035Members Posts: 1,845 Platinum Tees
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    49-39 for me one of the rounds this past weekend. The 49 included a 10...

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    Shot 37-42 a couple weekends ago too. Although the differential isn't much, I was even through 13 holes.
    Edit: Both on the same course

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  • gambitgambit  4404WRX Points: 228Members Posts: 4,404 Titanium Tees
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    41/62...after a few rounds like that I realized wacky tobacky around the turn might be good for my back but not for my game or decision making lol.

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  • James the Hogan FanJames the Hogan Fan  1021WRX Points: 675Handicap: 12Members Posts: 1,021 Platinum Tees
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    38 on the front, walked off the course in disgust on 14 after playing 10-13 as par-double-triple-double and my drive on 14 plugged in a fairway bunker. 4 strokes later, and still in the bunker, I decided it was time to go home.

    I would not normally quit, but the fun was gone and at that point I was just being a jack***. Thankfully I was playing alone.

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  • huckitchuckithuckitchuckit California  105WRX Points: 45Members Posts: 105 Fairways
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    Back nine is always significantly worse for me. Maybe the beer gets to me.

  • SNIPERBBBSNIPERBBB Hit Ball Hard SE Ohio 3118WRX Points: 762Handicap: 2.9Members Posts: 3,118 Titanium Tees
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    My current in recollection stands at 42-32

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  • puttmasterputtmaster  86WRX Points: 83Members Posts: 86 Fairways
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    In a tournament, years ago, 36-52. The back nine was a nightmare of penalty strokes, fried eggs, bizarre lies, etc. Brutal.

  • gambitgambit  4404WRX Points: 228Members Posts: 4,404 Titanium Tees
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    I realized after some trial and error that the reason I fall apart on the back 9 is due to the wacky tobacky

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  • SNIPERBBBSNIPERBBB Hit Ball Hard SE Ohio 3118WRX Points: 762Handicap: 2.9Members Posts: 3,118 Titanium Tees
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    Just something to throw out there...Have y'all that struggled with the second nine tried(I realize this would be hard to do on busy courses) the back first then finishing on the front to see if its the same results? My home course had the 9's switched many years ago, and some websites and GPS apps still show the old cards. The front is brutal compared to the back despite what the ratings say due to the elevation changes. The back nine has some teeth in on the par threes. Its rare that I dont make at least 2 birdies on the back, the front I am lucky to get 2 despite the length(or lack thereof).

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  • cocolamb22cocolamb22  215WRX Points: 70Members Posts: 215 Fairways
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    I was playing in a tournament out at Chimera in LV. Shotgun start on #18. I was 7 over through my first 9 holes and was beside myself. Said “screw strategy” and went pin hunting from there on out. Got it back to +1 going into my last hole (hole #17) which is a par 5. Had a 4 footer straight up the hill to shoot even and horse-shoed it unfortunately. But it was a crazy day. I experienced a lot of emotions in one round.

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  • Edaw68Edaw68  1591WRX Points: 222Handicap: 5Members Posts: 1,591 Platinum Tees
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    Went 34-47 the other day. Then went to the liquor store.

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  • Ski5280Ski5280 Denver, CO 80WRX Points: 34Members Posts: 80 Fairways
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    50-38 for me. I tend to play better on the back. I guess it takes me awhile to get warmed up.


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