What is your biggest difference in 9 hole score during a 18 hole round? Tale of two nines



  • jgallant415jgallant415  354WRX Points: 110Handicap: 12ClubWRX Posts: 354 ClubWRX
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    Put up a 55-39 once, although my best tale of two golfers round is the one where I alternated par/double for a full 18 holes.

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  • lwestbylwestby  44WRX Points: 18Handicap: 8.3Members Posts: 44 Bunkers
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    43 - 33 several years ago with 5 birdies and 2 bogies on the back.
    Two weeks ago I shot a 34 - 44. Bogied 9 to go 2 under and tripled 10. The rest of the back wasn't much better.

  • Bnelly428Bnelly428  20WRX Points: 30Handicap: 17.2Members Posts: 20 Bunkers
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    At the time, I had just gotten serious about golf. Bought a new set of Ping G30 irons. Played with 3 random guys who I told before the round that I was new, playing at about a 24. Snap hooked my first drive. Ended up with a bogey for the hole. Not bad. Fast forward 2 more bogeys and 6 pars. Finished 39 on the front, first time I had broken 40, until a few weeks ago. Hit a great drive on 10. Bogey. After all the sandbagging comments, my true colors came out. Finished the back at 53 for my lowest (at that point) round ever at 92 LOL.

  • FEUOFEUO LaSalle, Ontario 260WRX Points: 69Members Posts: 260 Greens
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    Without question, 99% of the time I score in the 30's on one nine I will shoot 40's on the second.
    Once this year I went 37-39. Most rounds are 39-41, or 38-44. Frustrating as heck. As soon as I think about my score I inevitably put a double on the card.

  • 7ironDave7ironDave  33WRX Points: 24Members Posts: 33 Bunkers
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    41 on the front today.....smooth 54 on the back.

    Yes beers were purchased at the turn, but a 13 stroke swing, c’mon.

    Still took the match, so lunch was free.

  • g-offg-off  412WRX Points: 143Handicap: 16.9Members Posts: 412 Greens
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    37-48 worst 85 of my life.....so far


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  • bortassbortass ATL 1416WRX Points: 120Members Posts: 1,416 Platinum Tees
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    A few years ago a buddy and I played 18. The back 9 was closed because they were being punched, so we had to play the front twice. I hadn't been playing much, maybe 9 holes a year for a couple of years leading up to this. I shot an impressive 54/45 for my only round of 2016. The only thing that changed is that my driver caught fire during the second 9 and I stopped losing strokes to crappy tee shots.

  • CorgiCorgi Hurst, TX 138WRX Points: 77Members Posts: 138 Fairways
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    Shot 48 on the front and 33 on the back. 48 was not my worst 9 at all but 33 was definitely my best 9. Strangest 81 I ever shot and I walked feeling pretty good. :-)

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  • EmerichEmerich  131WRX Points: 44Handicap: 9.1Members Posts: 131 Fairways
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    51/37 this year. Was about to walk off the course after that front nine.

  • gambitgambit  4404WRX Points: 228Members Posts: 4,404 Titanium Tees
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    Last round went 39/54 lmao...9 over on the last 4 holes with a snowman on 17 lol

  • MidwestGolfBumMidwestGolfBum Corporate Golfer Extraordinaire MSN/MKE/DSM 1549WRX Points: 295Members Posts: 1,549 Platinum Tees
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    I have gone 43-30 and 44-31 a couple of times. The back 9 is more easy to score on at my club, but generally just rolling out of the car to the first tee leads to being 3 or 4 over after 4, which is always a fun hole to dig out of.

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  • ColinKelvinColinKelvin Scotland 140WRX Points: 124Handicap: 9.3Members Posts: 140 Fairways
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    39-56, off a handicap of 9. It's fair to say that the back 9 and a finish of 7-8-9 didn't leave me in a good mood driving home.

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  • alarsonalarson  15WRX Points: 25Members Posts: 15 Bunkers
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    Went 54-39 yesterday. Just couldn't get going to start out, then had a tin cup type moment towards and island green that got ugly. Fortunately, the 39 (+4 on this course) closed the round out. With pending 9+ inch snow on its way tomorrow, likely be the last 19' round of the year... best to end on a good note (the 39, not the 54 lol).

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  • caeye0710caeye0710  101WRX Points: 54Handicap: .5Members Posts: 101 Fairways
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    I went 50 - 30 one time. Made a nice little 14 on the opening hole par 5 (don't ask). Then birdied 5 of the last 6 holes on the back to shoot the 30. Had a 20 footer for a 29.

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  • Gorlu52Gorlu52  82WRX Points: 24Handicap: 5.0Members Posts: 82 Fairways
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    48 on the front 34 on the back.

  • platgofplatgof platgof  1923WRX Points: 262Handicap: 17ClubWRX Posts: 1,923 ClubWRX
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    Tuesday, 51 on the front and 37 on the back. The front was horrible, and the back made no sense at all. Shot my handicap.


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  • caeye0710caeye0710  101WRX Points: 54Handicap: .5Members Posts: 101 Fairways
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    Not exactly on topic, but I shot 71 on Monday and 90 on Thursday. On the same course.

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  • mitchlmitchl  38WRX Points: 68Members Posts: 38 Bunkers
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    Probably something like a 50-38. But I can do 46-36 all the live long day. And I usually do the 36 on the hard back. (our 9s are slope 126 on the front and 144 on the back)

    But the painful one to watch was my daughter in last years women's club championship. Day 1 she did ok, but on day 2 she came out and shot 38 on the front and strutting that she was going to break 80 for the first time and then went 52 on the back. Still won low net with her 18 handicap though.

  • ttttttt1432ttttttt1432  13WRX Points: 14Members Posts: 13 Bunkers
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    I'm a big fan of having a terrible front nine, letting all expectations go, and playing carefree golf on the back nine.

    Last round of the year, I shot 46 on the front and 36 on the back. Now I just have to figure out how to get that carefree mindset from the jump.

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  • dan360dan360 loisible  5467WRX Points: 377Members Posts: 5,467 Titanium Tees
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    47-34 (twice)

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  • No_Catchy_NicknameNo_Catchy_Nickname Kyushu,_Japan 5980WRX Points: 1,155Handicap: meMembers Posts: 5,980 Titanium Tees
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    Played with a friend recently who went 40-57.

    On the back nine (after a 90-minute lunch break), he completely lost his swing and began topping shots. Like, almost missing-the-ball tops. It was strange to see.

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  • Brunchz0rBrunchz0r Denmark 17WRX Points: 16Handicap: 3.8Members Posts: 17 Bunkers
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    Last year I had a fun one.. 41 (+4) front nine and 29 (-5) back nine. That was fun though.


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  • CanaryKidCanaryKid  49WRX Points: 23Handicap: 24.6Members Posts: 49 Bunkers
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    I don’t know in shots, as we were playing stableford, but I once scored 4 points on the front nine and 19 points on the back nine. That suggests at least 15 shots difference, but I was so bad in the front nine that it could well have been 20 plus.

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  • jvincentjvincent  1317WRX Points: 623Members Posts: 1,317 Platinum Tees
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    I don't believe I've added my disaster to this thread.

    A few years ago during men's league I was +10 (45) on the front nine. I made nothing with the putter. I decided the back nine was a good time to start using the line on my ball when putting. Ended up -1 (36) on the back so an 11-stroke differential to par.

    I've been using the line ever since.


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  • physasstphysasst Rochester, MN 122WRX Points: 140Handicap: 17.5Members Posts: 122 Fairways
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    46-37. Struggled on the front, but made the turn and parred the first 3 holes. Finished with an 83.

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