Korean Golf Balls

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About 16-17 years ago our Pro was selling Choice ball. Made in Korea. Urethane cover. Excellent product. They were about for a couple of years. I was looking online and noticed Big Yard were still on the go. They often appear in boxes of lake balls. Someone told me Nexen make excellent tour quality balls and there are other companies. Volvik is global but I wonder why none of the other companies are seen outside Asia?


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    I don't blame them. Who would buy them?

    Look at how honma is suffering in n.a.

    Best bet is to buy directly from over seas
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    Aren't Ksigs made in Korea?
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    4rheel wrote:
    Aren't Ksigs made in Korea?

    I don’t know anything about KSigs, but I know Snell balls are made in Korea. And of course Accushnet is owned by Fila Korea, so Titleist is technically Korean, though they are largely manufactured in the US.
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    my impression of Korean balls is.......

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    larciel wrote:

    I don't blame them. Who would buy them?

    Look at how honma is suffering in n.a.

    Best bet is to buy directly from over seas

    Honma’s issue was the same as Yonex’s. Distribution and service was nonexistent.
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    Volvik may be pulling out of UK. Reps offering a lot of balls cheap to the trade. Problem is their tour model ball is even more expensive than the V1 or TP5 so on an absolute hiding to nothing. And the packaging is dire. I was actually interested in who has used the more expensive Big Yard and Nexen ammo. Are they as good as US and Japanese brands for performance?
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    Try Taylormade
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