Taylormade M3 VS. New TS2/TS3



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    denvergolf wrote:

    I honestly hate to be this guy (as I'm an expert club ho), but I demoed the TS3 today with my own shaft and it's truly just the same as the others. That is NOT a bad thing, considering the past criticisms. but, if you put a good swing on the M3, TS3, G400 LST, Rogue/Epic you are going to put a blanket over the balls at this point.
    could not agree with you more!! It's swing-specific: I got fit into an M3 after hitting everything under the sun, but my buddy (a 4, I'm a 6) couldn't hit the M3 to save his life at his fitting, and got fit into an driver I hated, the G400 (hated meaning I just couldn't hit it well). Moral of story: they're ALL great drivers, but one will be better for your swing than others.
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    My last post in this thread I mentioned the TS3 knocking the M3 out of the bag.

    I did a shaft test at Club Champion and shocked to see the HZRDUS Smoke competing well with some of the top shaft performers. My top 5 performing shafts:

    1. Aldila Rogue 130 MSI TX

    2. Fujikura Speeder II 757 X-flex

    3. HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 60 gram

    4. Aldila Synergy Black 60 TX

    5. Accra RPG M5 X-flex

    We're splitting hairs between these 5 shafts. At this point I'd be going by feel and the Fujikura Speeder II felt like it had the most explosive impact. Really impressed with the HZRDUS Smoke.....guess you never know until you get on a launch monitor.
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    I went to an outdoor Titleist fitting with Trackman and ProV1s this weekend. I don't have any complaints with my current M3, but I've always loved the look of Titleist drivers, so I wanted to give the TS a try. I was getting consistently better dispersion and slightly higher ball speeds with the TS3. The sound felt explosive, but a lot quieter (and softer) than my old 915D3. I ended up ordering the 8.5 TS3 with Evenflow White 75 6.5 at 44.5.

    On a somewhat related note, I was really impressed with the Evenflow White shaft. My spin numbers with the 8.5 TS3 and Evenflow were only slightly higher than my M3 (set to 9) with Synergy Black 70 TX proto. The TS3 with Evenflow was giving me 2300-2400 spin at 121 mph clubhead speed -- the M3 with Synergy is the only other combo I've used that was able to keep my spin under 2500.
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    I have each of them and am really torn. I hit both on trackman this weekend and Saturday I hit the M3 460 with Tensei Pro Orange best. Yesterday, I hit my TS3 with Smoke 6.5 the best. Shafts are each different but I think their qualities shine in the heads that they are in. I would be interested to try TPO in the TS3, but I will say that forgiveness, for me, goes to TS3. I'm about 110 clubhead speed and carry around 270. Well struck balls were rolling out to 295, 296, 301, etc. They are both around a D5 swingweight. TS3 spin numbers were phenomenal for me, and the best part is that they were consistent with that set up. I was around 2300-2400 on every shot with it. The M3 would be a low spinner around 2100 or 2000 but then if I mis-hit it a little bit could pop up around 3000. That could be due to the shaft and mis-hits (twist face??). Something big for me, and I've always struggled with this with TM driver heads--don't know what it is-- but I have much more trouble turning them over than anything else. I'm around a 0 cap so I can generally maneuver the ball pretty well, but they are really anti-left for me. Now-- this isn't entirely bad but most of the time I play a tight left to right shot and if I'm missing it a little a shot that eeks right of the fairway doesn't really look good to me when I'm playing with something on the line. The Titleist is very straight and my thought, now, is that I'm going to be stupid to argue with consistent spin numbers, 275 carry plus roll, and fairways.
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    I've tried the TS3, and the M3. They're both good clubs, but I decided on getting the M3. It's actually out for deliver today. If the weather cooperates, I'm planning on taking it out this weekend.

    I've been playing the Cobra KING LTD Pro set to 10* since it came out with an Aldila Rogue Silver 70s, and the M3 for me on a demo day was just a good. It launched higher and gave me the same spin in the 9.5* head. The best thing about it was the consistency of ball flight. Every single shot came out the same, even the ones that I got a little off the heal and toe. It's not always that way with the Cobra....probably more user error than it being the club's fault.

    I tried it with the 7f4 Proforce V2 in the standard setting, and the weights were in the stock position. As much as I wanted to buy some of the fancy upgraded shafts, the V2 in the M3 head was the flight that I want. The twistface seemed to work well for me on mishits as well because my miss is low and on the heel, which is why I've gotten along well with the Cobra. The ability to adjust the weights is a bonus, but I know once I find the setting I like, it'll probably stay that way.

    The TS3 was the first Titleist driver that I even considered bagging because I've always spun them too much. I tried it with Evenflow t100 65s, and the numbers were in the ballpark of what I want with a driver. It's a very good driver that will do well for Titleist.
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    I have both and I am more consistent with the TS2. The M3 may be a yard longer at best.

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    Switched from M3 to TS3 and have been playing TM drivers forever (since the R300). Tried a few Callaway models in between but haven't played a TItelist driver since my short stint with the 975.

    For me it wasn't night and day difference but definitely better numbers during my fitting. I wouldn't say the EF White is a better fit for me than my Tensei Pro Orange in my M3 so I'd have to say it must be the head. The feel reminds me of the old Burner driver, the one Snedeker played for a long time. Not as metallic but just the hot feel. On the course, the dispersion was better for me too. Like others have already mentioned about the M3, I'd get the occasional stray shot and wonder where that came from. And I'm not talking on a bad swing.

    Heading to St. George this weekend to play some golf and will see how it goes. Still waiting for what TM has to offer next, HOOOOO!
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    MG 1977 wrote:

    denvergolf wrote:

    I honestly hate to be this guy (as I'm an expert club ho), but I demoed the TS3 today with my own shaft and it's truly just the same as the others. That is NOT a bad thing, considering the past criticisms. but, if you put a good swing on the M3, TS3, G400 LST, Rogue/Epic you are going to put a blanket over the balls at this point.

    ...it would have to be a very wide blanket for me. I agree not much difference from front to back but Callaway drivers just go way left for me. I was gutted as I got great ball speed with epic & rogue, I've owned both but not for long as I got sick of shouting fore left! M4 was nice but had a few weird flights, twist face???... and G Max I hit lots of blocks with, maybe down to shaft. I've just bought the TS2 and so far so good. Ball speed up with the Callys but much better dispersion. I like how straight the face is and how easy it is to aim, it just launches high bombs love it. I'm using the stock hzrdus smoke and it feels as good as my handcrafted black. Great stock combo.
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    Slower swing old guy.....M3 has been very solid this year, in particular earlier when I played B-XS ball....switched to AVX for better feel and flight came down significantly....

    With ball change, I did see better launch with 915D3 but he had wrong shaft and not very consistent....

    Has anyone tried TS3 and AVX on course?
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    Anyone go from m3 440 to TS3?

    Ts3 in anyone’s opinion one side or another , fade or draw balance
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