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Anybody ever use one of these for any amount of time and have any feedback on them. I see one model on ebay that really caught my eye for a reasonable price but I'm curious about performance. They won a US Open so they can't be that bad.

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    I personally feel that Yes putters were underrated and put one of the best rolls on a golf ball of any putter out there. I have two that I swap in and out of rotation but could honestly play them every round. Some of the fit/finish of certain models was a little cheap but it was all about that groove pattern for sure.
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    My brother has played a Yes! Marilyn for twenty years. He swears by it.

    I have to admit that it puts a great roll on the ball, but the feel is different from other putters. I think once you get used to a Yes!, it might be hard to switch.
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    Funny that when Yes! putters were introduced to the market all the other putter companies were discrediting the roll groove technology, and look where they're all at now!

    I had Tracy II on two different occasions and really loved it. The ball definitely rolls true a lot quicker off the putter. Very different feel from other putters without the groove tech.
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    I gamed a Tracy II for about a year. Loved the way it looked, felt and got the ball rolling on perfect strikes. Over time, I noticed that longer putts would occasionally take strange angles off of the putter face if I didn't strike them perfectly and began to wonder if it was the result of the arch shape of the grooves. No idea if that is the case, but I couldn't get confidence back in the putter after that.
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    Hugely underated. I had a few in the day. (Likely 6 or 7 ?) And i wish i'd kept them all. Feel and performance was ace for me.

    Understandably i moved onto the 'next best thing' these days as such. A Rife. Which i also love. ***Maybe worth a look as they stopped making putters after Yes did; and the idea's ref the roll-grooves are much the same.
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    I gamed the Tracey fc (forged carbon) for 8 seasons and still have it as my backup. Great feel off the face and rolled true. I am never getting rid of that putter.
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    The YES Donna is an incredible putter (not the newer one with the gawdy yellow on it)

    Very underappreciated putter company

    Great look, great feel and superb roll
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    cwglum wrote:

    Funny that when Yes! putters were introduced to the market all the other putter companies were discrediting the roll groove technology, and look where they're all at now!

    I had Tracy II on two different occasions and really loved it. The ball definitely rolls true a lot quicker off the putter. Very different feel from other putters without the groove tech.

    Thats the model i'm looking into... thanks for the info, everyone! think i'm going to pull the trigger, not a big cost investment regardless....
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    I’ve been playing the Tracy II for about 10 years and love it. It looks great and rolls the ball really well. When I hit a bad putt, I have never thought it was the putter’s fault.
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    I still have an original Yes! Tracy which makes it into the rotation. This is the model Goosen won his 2 US Opens with. Love the roll off the C-Grooves, I recommend Yes! putters personally.
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    I used a Tracy II for about 12 years. I loved it, but ultimately the style didn't fit my swing. Nothing bad to say about it.
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    Matt Fitzpatrick still uses one. Can’t say I have ever seen anyone else use one.

    The putter might say Yes! but it appears that the rest of the golfing public said No!
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    have a jenny 12 that comes in and out of the bag, along with a hogan bettinardi honestly both are old and roll the ball well, or maybe its the T alignment
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    steelhead xr 9 wood

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    hogan tk 58

    putter rotates daily

    always hoing the next best thing
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    Matt Fitzpatrick still uses one. Can’t say I have ever seen anyone else use one.

    Jim Furyk won a major with one.

    The putter might say Yes! but it appears that the rest of the golfing public said No!

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    I just recently sold a Nicky (Nicki?). Nice putter, and for a heel shafted blade, toe-hits maintained their line pretty well. However, the shaft was too short for me (33"), and

    I am thinning my herd of putters, so off it went.

    If I stumble across one with a 34" shaft (or even 35" if they exist), I might well pick it up.
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    Absolutely fantastic putters & vastly underrated. Pick that good deal up, you won't be let down with the performance aspect of these putters.
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    Have a Callie tour the quality is amazing and there isn’t another putter that has got the ball rolling faster. The technology does work.
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    I picked up a YES I4 Tech Stephanie this year and it's one of the best putter I've ever used. Great feel off the face with the grooves, nicely weighted for a smooth stroke. But its the alignment on this model that does it for me. The black with white line is easy to line up. Love this putter!
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    I’ve gamed a Yes Callie off and on (mostly on) over the last 12 years. Not currently in the bag, but it’s still the putter by which all other putters are measured. Great putter with great feel and roll. I was lucky enough to be fitted at Yes HQ in Denver while they were still in operation.
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    Read this and pulled my old Yes! Nicky out of the basement. Might actually take it to the range tomorrow and do a "Putt off" against my current putter
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    I’ve played a Tracy 2 for more than 15 years. It’s the best putter I’ve ever rolled. From time to time I tried to replace it but nothing ever took it’s place. Currently relegated to my backup as I’m going the mallet route and have an Ardmore 2 in the bag.
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    I have a Yes Callie, bought it 10 years ago and has been in the bag for most of the time since then. Over the years I tried to replace it several times with different Ping, Oddyssey and Scotty putters, but I always come back to it.
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    When I first moved over to Dallas after college, I worked at the PGA store until I found a job I enjoyed. I always putted well with Yes! putters, but could never really put my finger on the reasoning. I researched and noticed that all the lofts were standard at 2.5°. I'm a big fan of the face pattern and loft these putters had, very underrated despite Goosen having so much success with one.

    Side note: Fast forward years later at a Machine fitting and when my results were revealed...yep, 2.5°.
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    Well i have a Yes Dawn that was sitting in my basement, i said what the **** put it into the mix this weekend wow it will stay a while no idea of my thinking process as I've won to club championships with it duh.
  • titelisttitelist BRuss Members Posts: 122
    I have been playing a Victoria for around 8 years and nothing has kicked it out of the bag for an extended amount of time and trust me I have tried. I have gone thru 4 grips and on my 3rd head over for this thing. I just recently purchased a used Victoria II from E-Bay as a backup.
  • sk33trsk33tr Members Posts: 501 ✭✭
    Very, very underrated. Still have a Tracy II, Mollie MOI and an original Swash Callie.
  • jmiller2jmiller2 Members Posts: 537 ✭✭
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    I have a YES! Callie-F forged of manganese-bronze in my bag currently.

    ~ I think that the head weight is 355g roughly.

    ~ My putter appears to be about 3/4 offset.

    ~ The neck is traditional L-Neck.

    I added loft to my putter from factory, I'm using 4* of loft and that provides me best distance control.

    ~ I have some forward press, the stock loft would hit too high on the face or come out a bit too hot on longer putts.

    I can't think of anything negative about the performance of the putter or the build quality.

    ~ Just personal preference and a nit pick, I prefer a Flow-Neck over an L-Neck when looking down at a putter.
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    I started getting serious about golf when Yes! was already out of the game, so I never even saw one of their putters in person. However, I recently made an impulse purchase from Dallas Golf after seeing they had a new Tracy III (with headcover) on their website for about $55 shipped. If you troll eBay every day like I do, you've probably seen this putter listed. After putting around with this thing for a few days, I'm wondering just what in the **** I have, because I can't stop putting with it.

    First of all, here's the listing:

    There's, surprisingly, very little information about the Tracy III on the internet. It looks like it came out in 2009, and Golfwrx posted one of the only reviews I can find. There are a scant few mentions in forums and whatnot afterwards. I'm guessing that the price tag, lack of retail availability, and way-too-tinkery nature of the putter (interchangeable hosels for an extra $100? Eh?) killed the thing dead. Here's the Golfwrx review:

    From what I've read about Dallas Golf in other posts, I think they have a bunch of Adams Golf components that they've assembled themselves and sell as new. That's how the putter that arrived at my door seems, at least. The head was wrapped in plastic. The shaft is totally bare without any stickers on it. The grip is some kind of generic, unbranded velvet pistol grip that's probably the cheapest putter grip they have laying around. The grip is definitely not the original one that would have been shipped with a Yes putter, which is the biggest giveaway that this was a putter assembled after the fact and not by Yes themselves. The headcover included is the nice black and yellow Yes-branded headcover that would have shipped with the club originally (I think).

    Now, the putter head itself... man, it is gorgeous. It truly looks and feels premium. As cheap as the grip looks and feels, the head is the exact opposite. I need to swap the grip out, but in my few days of testing, this thing feels buttery smooth. And the roll is pretty obviously nice, at least on my living room carpet. The feel reminds me of the Toulon putters I've messed around with - super soft, but not so soft that there's no feel. Off-center hits still offer plenty of feedback.

    I was skeptical of this thing given the dearth of online info and, you know, the price tag, but it feels like I got a $300 putter for $55. Or at least it will once I throw on a new grip.
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    Been gaming Yes since about the time the brand debuted, first model was Victoria, a mallet. Eventually settled on the Nicky blade such that I own two of them now lol. I'd always really liked the look of the Mollie, a #9 mallet style, and grabbed one last month from a UK seller on ebay. Slapped on my go to, Pure midsize grip, and this thing is so good! Looks great, I think it's a tad bit smaller than Odyssey 9 (I have a white hot pro) though that could be due to the difference in the sight line length. But what i especially noticed and like is you can really feel the weight of the tungsten. Haven't had a chance to play a round yet, but practice green time has been very promising. Really puts a good roll on the ball as Yes putters are known. So glad I finally picked this one up!

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    Great putters. The Tour models are fantastic.

    I have a Jenny Tour in the bag.
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