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Curious if anyone has upgraded from the original Bushnell Hybrid GPS Rangefinder (from years ago) to the new version that just launched recently. My old one is still working well, but the new one is intriguing.

If you have used both, what are your thoughts on the newest version?

This is the original verrsion I am talking about: (http://www.criticalg...efinder-review/)

This is the new version I am interested in: (https://www.golf.com...angefinder-gps/)

One immediate difference I have notice between the 2 is that on the old version there is only one port to charge both the rangefinder and the gps unit. It looks like on the new version there is a charging port for the GPS unit and a separate CR2 battery for the rangefinder.

Let me know your thoughts on the comparison and if it worth the upgrade.
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    From what I can tell the new one is having trouble with battery drain on the GPS, they have integrated the GPS yardage in to the screen but if you search the threads numerous people have expressed dissatisfaction with the Hybrid and returned it for several reasons.
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    I LOVE my original. I get the center, front and back of the green, instantly, without having to shoot the laser. Then, I can take one shot for the flag and be good to go. Way faster than the laser only players, shooting 3 different points.

    I agree that my battery has taken a dump, however. My chief concern is that I can’t use the laser when the battery is dead or low. The new version seems to have addressed this issue.
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    i just won the hybrid at a tournament raffle last week but had bought the Pro X2 a couple months ago after i lost my original range finder on a course.

    debating what to do with the hybrid as i feel the Pro X2 is plenty good enough for me since i also play with the Garmin Approach S60 golf watch that has gps capabilities.
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    Until I found the shut off button it seemed like the battery drained fast but other than that it works great!
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    I’ve got the new hybrid but prefer Golfshot on my phone/ Apple Watch. Anyone interested in the Hybrid for $225?
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    The Hybrid is simply the best of all worlds. No matter what angle you shoot the pin from you get precise distance to the pin as well as the front & back range on that line, all viewed simultaneously. Especially valuable on a new course or elevated greens. No battery issues once you find the “OFF” switch. Very bright and large view field and very fast pin aquiisition. Enables ready golf with max information at a glance.
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    I currently use the new hybrid, it has a really bad laser. I switched the until twice and same result. If I didn't win it for free at a raffle, I might be more mad. I've owned the Tour X and the V4. Those units shoot the flag and tell you instantly. The hybrid laser is horrible. There are plenty of times where I have to keep reshooting the flag. I have spoken the bushnell CS and they claim that it's the same laser as the V4...... it's not.

    If you're not having trouble with the laser then the unit is pretty convenient. I use the Frogger rangefinder strap, you can strap it on the cart with the gps showing, so it's nice.
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