How many years ago did you play your "career round?"



  • High Plains DriverHigh Plains Driver Chip Yipper Extraordinaire Members Posts: 2,377 ✭✭
    Two hours ago. Shot a Net 64 (73 playing off an 8.8 index, course handicap of 9. 71.4/115 6856 yds)

    I carried a 6.1 to 6.8 handicap for almost two years and had dozens of 74's, 75, and 76's, but I am a mental midget and choked every time I had a great round going. I can shoot even on one 9 occasionally, then crash and burn on the other.

    I was -1 on the 17th and realized that I had a chance to break par and finished bogey - bogey.
    I am not brand loyal. I am just seriously OCD.

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  • easyjay39402easyjay39402 Members Posts: 35
    I shot a 68 in a High School competition. Now I am 74. It’s been a long drought ...
  • mmack067mmack067 Members Posts: 682 ClubWRX
    Last year 64 (-8). Started on the back with my regular group of guys. One of them was on a heater that month and was A LOT under par the last 10 rounds or so. We both birdie 10 out of the gate, he birdies 11 and I’m thinking “here we go again”. I ended up with a tidy round going 4 under on the back and birding my 16th and 17th holes to be 4 under on the front for a bogey free 64. I was zoned all day and wasn’t really nervous until the course record was in play on my last 2 holes. Then it was as nervous/anxious as I’ve ever been on the course.
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    6 years ago image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />
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  • the bishopthe bishop Members Posts: 3,197 ✭✭
    Almost exactly 7 years ago. Coming off of a back injury could only swing about 75% so took an extra club on every shot. 10 straight pars out of the gate and 2 bogeys & 2 birdies on the back for my only even par round.
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    I might have a couple left.
  • Browns71213Browns71213 Members Posts: 579 ✭✭
    Has to be at least 15 years ago.
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