Golf's new villain



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    Reed is somewhat of an amalgamation of all the parts of a person that crowds normally don't take to.

    For example (player=unlikable trait/likable trait)

    Beef= somewhat out of shape, doesn't have a leading men look/embraces his goofyness, is fun

    Tiger= intense, sometimes mean/GOAT, wins a lot

    Sergio= ran his mouth a lot/had some big wins, laughed some stuff off

    Reed doesn't have the look, is a little too intense, runs his mouth, but also doesn't seem fun, win enough or laugh things off. Plus, he has somewhat shameful history between college and his family. Also, his wife doesn't help at all.
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    If you want to see him win more

    Just keep rooting against him ; )

    "When I step up here, I was going in with a Sunday lead, listening to all the analysts this morning when I was watching golf, and every single one of them picked Rory besides [analyst] Notah [Begay]," said Reed. "Thanks, Notah. Appreciate it. You're my boy.

    "It's just kind of one of those things that seemed like the pressure at that point was kind of lifted off. No one expects me to go out and win. Seemed like everyone else was saying how great I was playing all week, how very impressed they were, but come Saturday night and Sunday morning, they are like, 'Oh, well, even though we said all these great things about how he's playing, we think Rory's going to win.'"

    "I walked up to the first tee and had a really welcoming cheer from the fans," said Reed. "But then when Rory walked up to the tee, you know, his cheer was a little louder. That's another thing that just kind of played into my hand. Not only did it fuel my fire a little bit, but also, it just takes the pressure off of me and adds it back to him.
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    I'm sure Bubba is loving this thread....
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    Nixhex524 wrote:

    I'm sure Bubba is loving this thread....

    With Bubba you get the feeling that it's some underlying personality disorders which he is struggling with. Reed is just a grade A scumbag.
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    There is no comparison between Jack and was a rival to the games great at that time....the other is simply an a-hole.
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    So the tour is full of HUGE ego’s? Who knew...
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    I have a feeling Reed's wife and Mother-in-law watch soap operas and reality shows..............a lot.
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