KBS Shafts Customer Service Was Awesome

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If this is the wrong forum please let me know.

I want to start by saying I am in no way associated with KBS Shafts or the golf industry. However, I felt I needed to give KBS a shout out on their customer service. Friday was the first time I ever reached out to the company. It was to explain an issue I was having with one of their shafts. After sending my email, I got your typical ticket number generic response. I figured it would stop there or would be followed up with another generic response. I did receive a reply email Monday requesting additional information. I provided everything they were asking. What blew me away was about an hour later, I started receiving emails from a Jarrett. We exchanged several emails over the next hour and a half and he/KBS totally fixed the situation. In a world where everything seems to be automated or about the bottom line, KBS shocked me with a real customer first approach. I was debating whether to switch to another shaft company, but this experience has be a true die hard user of their shaft.

Again, I am not associated with the company. GolfWRX is an awesome forum for us to share both our positive and negative experiences. I just felt this needed to be said.

Thanks again KBS.


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    It’s even quicker when you just call their customer service line and talk to Jarrett directly.

    Nice guy.
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    I bent the tips on my C-Taper S+ from normal usage

    They were great to deal with, and shipped me a new set. Still a pain to reshaft and regrip.

    But, the best Customer Service is the Customer Service you never have to use.
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    Jarrett is the man, I found that some of my ctapers had bent tips and I contacted Jarrett and within like 4 days I had a brand new set on my doorstep. Excellent customer service, and they really seem to take care of their customers.
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    I had a great experience as well...

    Had some shaft labels peeling a few years back & I inquired to just purchase some new replacements, & they wouldn't have it!

    Shipped out free of charge...

    Besides the fact I was fitted into my new sticks... it made it much easier knowing I had KBS gear & I would always be taken care of...
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    Yeah, I only needed labels from them and everytime I call them, they are so appreciative of you using their shafts. Great customer service for sure image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    Needed shaft labels once...they sent them for free. Great customer service and shafts.

    Using Nippon shafts now.
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    KBS helped me out when they didn't have to, and stood by their product years later. Jarrett is the man, and I hope KBS knows how awesome he makes them look as the face of customer service.
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