Most Played-Out Complaints on GolfWRX



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    Confusing or Overplayed Thread Titles:

    Did David Feherty just say that what I thought he said?

    The divot because the caddie to twist an ankle because it wasn’t picked up %$#$&^**

    Time to hang up my spurs!!

    Just had first child – what should I do?
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    Well not complaints,same old same old---

    "first child (puppy) on way selling entire bag."

    "These were hit once on the range (matts), almost brand new."

    "Slicefixer book due out in Jan."

    "Tour issue with hot melt, _____ hit it on the range, one ball only".
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    eagle1997 wrote:

    anything distance related.

    "i'm not a true wrxer who carries his 7i 210..."

    just stop it.

    no one cares how far you hit it, how far you claim you hit it, or if you hit it short. just like with other things, some guys are long, some not. it's the internet, we're all wearing pants, well, mostly anyway.

    Hahahaha Couldn't agree more!
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    Sir Faldo, I can't find irons that look like, feel like, my Mizzies, GI irons don't look like the ones I hit in HS, A pro hits a great shot, and the announcers don't say a thing about it, but continue their rant on something else. I loved the one post about " I play to a 25 and play the tips". He will win another major, I just know it!
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    Matt J wrote:

    BIG STU wrote:

    leftyDH04 wrote:

    fillwelix wrote:

    People who complain about "millennials ruining golf" whether it be phones, clothing, music, newest equipment, hitting it too long, or a host of other things that are non-issues to begin with

    Agreed. I'm technically Gen X, but it drives me batty how common this type of age discrimination has become.

    Pretty much any complaining is played out.

    Not to mention, bragging, bickering, thread drift, "gifting" payments.
    Actually bud it has always been like that. Back when I was young the old farts were always " those young people this and young people that." Me I guess I am an old **** now (61) but to be honest there things that SOME Gen X folks do and old farts (my age and older) do that ticks me off. The most thing that ticks me off on both ends is lack of common sense and a sense of it is all about me. Trust me both sides are guilty. I will give you this fact because of social media these days it is more pronounced.

    Social media will certainly have pronounced effects on culture and civilization. Personally, I don't know that one of them will be more narcissistic tendencies, as you are describing "it's all about me." I credit that to factors in our economy that force most people to work entirely too much to get by. I think that we have lost a lot of individuality and passion for life because all we know is work, eat, and sleep. In places where people have more time to themselves and a little more money in their pockets, like Europe, it seems there is a lot of value in spending time with loved ones and planning excursions, recreation, dinner, vacations, with these people that you care about. We start kids very early with a feeling of institutionalization with long school days at an ever quickening pace of class changes, goals to meet, short lunch breaks, and very little time to move around and recreate. I think social media gives people an easy "feel good" dopamine button and that's addicting because getting it from hitting a good golf shot, running a 5k, making a funny to your friends, cooking a special dinner, visiting a new place, etc. are much harder than looking down and seeing how many likes your meme got.

    Just to push back on this a little but please know it is not to be argumentative but instead to state a different perception.

    My perception is that some of those that have to work too much just to get by, they have this problem because they were either too lazy or made poor decisions leading up to their working years. This is not everyone but I know too many people who had the mind set that what was most important in choosing a career is doing something you like.

    I believe that a certain percentage of this is self induced and promoted by a society that too often tells you work should be something you love. A different perspective is you work at something that will provide for your family and allow you to enjoy your time off. Work is...well it is work. We need to learn to fish where there is plenty to catch instead of wanting to fish where the water is always blue and the temperature is always 65. Just saying that a lot of people are forced to work more because of their decisions and their poor preparation. There is a ton of opportunity in this society. You can get anything you want in life if you provide enough value to others. That does not mean that the road is always paved and we can work 30 hours every week and be wealthy. It means that you need to pick a path that gets you where you want to go.

    Just to make this less abrasive:

    My son is a very nice young man. But, he wanted to have fun in college and chose a path of getting a general business degree. He did have fun in school. He did not exit that program with opportunity to secure a high paying position. He purchased a house and a car and now looks for ways to make extra money so that he can make his payments and go to sporting events. There are weeks he works a lot of hours and really has to. He does not love his job nor does he enjoy his pay scale or the extra hours. Society however did not put him in this position...his decisions did.
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    I am thinking about playing golf next year instead of HOing clubs!
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    That a certain ball won't hold on an approach shot. (?) Sounds like a complaint. But, it's an odd blanket statement that requires everybody to have the same swing (and other factors) to have validity. Always makes me think of the Get Sums and Rock Flites I've seen stop and/or roll back.
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    Anyone who uses the phrase “I’ll play” when responding to a post should be castrated.
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    OP: “Buyer beware. I just got this club and it’s Shiite. I ordered it bent 2* upright and it came bent 2.05* upright. Outrageous! Now, I’m hooking it off the planet!”

    Me: Did you call customer service?

    OP: <crickets chirping>
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    All of them.
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