3w or 4w wood recommendations?

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I am a sub 5 index and drive the ball well and hit my 3 wood well off the tee. Hit my irons and hybrids well. Cannot seem to hit any 3 wood off deck consistently. So hard to ever go for par 5s in two. I don’t have a club i can hit off the ground more than 220 my 17 degree hybrid) Any recommendations for a 3 wood or 4 wood that is stupid easy to hit off the deck.

Thank you for suggestions!



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    Callaway fusion. Just like the driver.... Very easy to hit.
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    Several weeks back we had a discussion of this. Two camps really with the shallow face vs the the traditional deep face woods. One club that kept coming up was the Orlimer. Never hit it myself but I would not be opposed to trying it, among others. This might be the one time it pays to start making the Pawn Shop rounds. You never know.
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    Thx i will search the forum for prior discussion!
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    mackberg wrote:

    Thx i will search the forum for prior discussion!

    Oh no I didn’t mean “do a search”. I’m not one of those types. I love these types of threads. Just meant don’t rule out options. No reason to spend 300 when you may find what you need for 10 plus a new shaft. : ) Happy hunting.
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    G25 4 wood. Length of a 3 wood. Head size of a 3 wood. 16.5 degrees of loft.
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    The Adams Tight Lies II is a stupid easy fairway wood to hit off the deck and should be cheap if you can find one. If you get the 16* head it’s probably like cheating from the fairway.
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    e-man wrote:

    G25 4 wood. Length of a 3 wood. Head size of a 3 wood. 16.5 degrees of loft.

    I'd also recommend the previous model G20 4w 16.5*. Very easy to hit a long way.
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    I was in the same position and struggled with the fairway wood spot. I went from a 15° 915 F to a 16.5° TS2. The Tensei Blue shaft is also pretty easy to manage.
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    Steelhead XR. I like the sole. Easy off the tee or deck. Can be found for cheap too!
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    Check your speed and spin rate with your 3 wood. And then if those numbers are ok.. work more on your technique. I was in the same boat as you and it was because I hit up so much on my driver I was completely caught in between an iron swing and my driver swing. I actually had a 3 wood and a 5 wood but hit my driving iron better than both. So.. I chalked it up to being the Indian and not the arrow. Ditched my 5 wood and committed to making better swings. Stuck with it. Now my 3 wood one of my favorite clubs off tee or ground. Still make bad driver swings but all in trying to be a little bit more level which has helped out a lot.
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    I recently picked up a super bargain on a cleveland mashie fw. Mine is 18* 5w, but sure they came in 16.

    If I can hit it off the deck on autopilot, a 5 index should crush it.
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    Hitting a cobra with baffler rails. Maybe � oil, but I like it better than any wood I've hit off deck. Almost doesn't matter, 3 or 5 wood, I hit them off deck the same now.
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    I'm very similar to the OP, just substitute 7 wood for the 17 degree hybrid. For me it was a 2 step process.

    First find the longest length shaft I could hit with consistency, erring on the side of caution. If you are going for a green 250 yards out it doesn't take a huge miss to end up in the cabbage.

    Secondly find a shaft and head that helps you launch it high off the deck. For me that was the G400 17.5 set to 16.9 and the stock Alta CB stiff shaft, 42.5 inches. Pretty much a 4 wood even if PING calls it a 5 wood. I'm a low hitter and this combo launches it into space off the deck.
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    Second the Fusion! I have the five wood and the thing just goes. Great off the tee and especially off the fairway.
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    So if you're hitting you're 17 degree 220, how far are you hitting you're driver? The Avg. course length I play is probably around 7000 yards, rarely do I need to hit 3w to get there and even rarer is it that it's a good idea. I'll carry the ball 280-290 with the driver and I hit my 17 degree driving iron 240 in the air. My 3w I'll carry 265ish.

    If you are carrying you're driver 260-270 which is what I would expect for a 220 17 degree it would be reasonable to expect to hit 3w 240ish at most, and at the expense of consistency vs. you're hybrid.

    So, maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but it seems like you're looking for 20 more yards. You don't need to make that up in 1 shot. If you can add 5-10 off the tee, and 5-10 with the hybrid, you're there, or close to it. 270+ 230 gets you 500 in the air, and with some roll you should have a good shot of getting to 530 yd. par 5's in 2.

    I use my 3w almost exclusively off the tee. I will hit it off the deck but only when I have a full green light with not a lot of trouble and I'm over 260 out. Otherwise 215-250 I hit 5i-Di. On par 5's that are "go for it" holes I typically try to make up the extra distance off the tee by hitting it high and using the wind, or turning it with the wind etc.
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    Consider the Tour Edge Exotics CBX fairway wood. The 16.5* 4W version is popular with single-wood guys. Stock shafts include the Kuro Kage Silver and the PX Hzrdus families.

    Also try the TE Exotics E10 Beta. It has a face slightly taller than average, and really moves the ball out off the deck. It is a fixed head (non-adjustable), which gives balance to the clubhead to avoid left misses. Definitely try the 16.5* version.

    {I keep my TE XRails in backup... my swing has improved a bit, and the XRails just launch the ball too high recently.}

    If you can find one, check out the FlyZ 3-4 FW. One of my favorite fairway woods I didn't buy.
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    By far the best 16.5 fairway wood I’ve played is the 917f2
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    I recently picked up the new Srixon F85 and so far love it. I too struggled with my 3 wood off the deck as I was felt stuck between hitting up on my driver and down on my irons, the Srixon seems to fix that. Good no up charge shaft choices too.
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    Ping G25 3w or 4w

    3w 15°

    4w 16.5°

    These can't be beat in my opinion. I have both, and swap.

    Hit em good
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    Great deal on Cobra F6 Baffler right now ($70 at RBG). It has been a game changer for people like me who had hard times getting consistent results from 3w off the deck.
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    This is really fabulous stuff. Much appreciated. I drive it 260-270 and can’t attempt to reach a 500 par 5 in 2. The 17 degree is prolly more like 210 off ground 220 off tee.

    Thank you all!
  • dmbrill719dmbrill719 Members Posts: 215 ✭✭
    Steelhead XR 4+. 16.5*, slightly deeper face w/ rounded sole, plus a flatter lie angle than most which helps to keep the ball from going left. I love the club!
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  • DoglegRightDoglegRight Members Posts: 1,126
    The Cobra f7 or f8(standard or plus) are great off the deck.

    I demoed an epic sz 15 degree today at a local pga superstore, it was nice but 15-20 yards behind an exotics cbx 15 degree. I would definitely check out the cbx 4 wood for what you have mentioned.
  • MarkripMarkrip Boss fan 62 Members Posts: 1,595 ✭✭

    The Adams Tight Lies II is a stupid easy fairway wood to hit off the deck and should be cheap if you can find one. If you get the 16* head it’s probably like cheating from the fairway.

    I have to agree but it’s not the longest. The Super is almost as easy and much longer. Adams fairway wooods always seem easy to hit.
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    I’ve got a G400 which is great off the turf, made even better by taking an inch off it with a 7-Wood shaft. Swing weight is lower which I was going to do something about but I hit this thing really well at the shorter length. My distances are similar to yours, ie. 220 with an 18* Hybrid, 260 with driver in neutral conditions, more when ground is firm. I get about 240 from my 3 Wood, although have hit it over 270 a couple of times when the ground was rock hard. Dispersion is much better with the inch off the shaft.
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    G400s are easy to hit off the deck, but Rogues are a beast! 17* Rogue might do the trick OP!? image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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  • wchahnwchahn ClubWRX Posts: 108 ClubWRX
    Another vote for the Rogue. 4 wood might be what you are looking for. Used I would consider the XR.
  • Ri_RedneckRi_Redneck Leather for Life!! Members Posts: 5,445 ✭✭
    mackberg wrote:
    This is really fabulous stuff. Much appreciated. I drive it 260-270 and can’t attempt to reach a 500 par 5 in 2. The 17 degree is prolly more like 210 off ground 220 off tee.

    Thank you all!

    No reason you can't hit a 3w off the deck. Use the same swing you use for your hybrid and place the ball NO MORE than 1" forward of where you position it with your hybrid. You want to hit a little down on it. Even take a shallow divot. It will get up and go then.

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  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,432 ClubWRX
    I have a feeling the Rogue 5 wood would really work for you.
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  • manima1manima1 Members Posts: 708 ✭✭
    '16 M2 HL. Absolute rocket launchers, easy off tee or deck.

    The tour-issue deep face version is especially long and has legendary status on here as one of the best 3W heads of all time. You can still find them quite easily on ebay.
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