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    IVM wrote:

    Are both wife's nuts ?

    All wives are nuts.

    Yeah, I said it... image/tomato.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':tomato:' />
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    Dude can ball strike with the best of him. His short game can be horrendous. Didn’t he almost wiff on a putt not too long ago?

    He also won the US Open after having to qualify to get in. Pretttty cool.
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    Dr. Block wrote:

    Ferguson wrote:

    ebrasmus21 wrote:

    Ferguson wrote:

    IVM wrote:

    Are both wife's nuts ?

    Let's just put it this way:

    Lucas doesn't need another one for the holiday.

    Ferguson. The poet of WRX.

    Tis he who shares home with wife like fruited bread,

    shall always find himself unwed.

    But till the time when letters from attorneys are signed and read

    He will be thoroughly satisfied in bed

    And from his bed of forbidden pleasure he will 'wake,

    to find nothing but a pile of bills under an old fruitcake.

    He turns to the game that he once knew,

    Only to find the swing is gone too.

    So off to Tiger’s restaurant for a beer and a brat,

    to find a new bride and tie the knot.
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    haha...well done sir. The Ballad of the Wacky Wag. maybe we should send it to Gordon Lightfoot.
  • FergusonFerguson Executive Member VAMembers Posts: 4,442 ✭✭
    Dr. Block wrote:

    haha...well done sir. The Ballad of the Wacky Wag. maybe we should send it to Gordon Lightfoot.

    Gordon Lightfoot would make this a #1 hit.
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    "Pretty soon I met a woman

    Pretty soon she done me wrong,

    Pretty soon my life got sadder

    Than any country song."

    --John Prine
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    Putting is the whole thing at that level.

    I met a guy who was basically hanging on the Nationwide Tour by a thread. He explained it like this:

    "So guys out here are looking at a twenty foot putt and thinking 'I gotta make this.' Of course the best players in the world make 25% of their twenty footers, so it makes no rational sense to expect them all to go down. And you know that, consciously or subconsciously. So make or miss, you think 'I gotta get the ball closer to the hole next time.'

    "How do you do that? You approach with a wedge instead of a nine iron. Which means you try and get that last few yards out of your driver, or you take a more aggressive angle off the tee. You put more stress on your game or bring more trouble into play, because for all the lessons you've taken over the years, you basically have what you're gonna have in terms of distance. So then you're trying out different clubs and balls. You try and start working a different shape that rolls out more, or whatever.

    "And all of that takes time. It takes time away from what you should be practicing, which is probably putting. Because the answer to having twenty-foot putts that you gotta make is down to to things: making more twenty footers, or having less twenty footers.

    "So imagine how all that knots up your brain when you're playing for your living, for your family or whatever. The guys who do well are the ones who can quiet all that stuff down and focus on what's in front of them. Ball, line, speed, cup. No consequences. No distractions. No math. Just focus."
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    ^^^thats well said
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    ^^^thats well said

    But not factually accurate
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    b.helts wrote:


    that is pretty bad, looks like he was trying to neck it almost?
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    iteachgolf wrote:

    ^^^thats well said

    But not factually accurate

    May be why he's barely hanging on
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