Stability Putter Shaft...worth the dough



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    @golf4fun said:
    What is the difference between this and the stroke lab in the Toulon’s?

    I also wonder this^

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    @kyle75 said:

    @golf4fun said:
    What is the difference between this and the stroke lab in the Toulon’s?

    The stroke lab is more of a weight/tempo thing, while the breakthrough is about torque and the face not twisting.

    Thanks for the info, just got a Toulon palm beach from the garage and the stroke lab, feels good! I thought maybe it was a made for breakthrough!

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    After gaming this thing for a 6+ months (nice little gap in there from this horrible winter) I really have one takeaway which is my shorter "must make" putts.

    Putts under 10 ft are going in for me at a much higher rate than before. Do I have However, I don't ever recall having this feeling on the greens that anything in the 7 ft and under range is automatic for me. My only thought in my head is just to square the face at impact (duh) and it just works.

    Im not even going to debate the cost part. Looking at the 4 bags in my basement full of failed experiments, shafts of all weights/flexes, etc...who cares what I spent on a putter shaft.

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    @balladm said:

    @golf4fun said:
    What is the difference between this and the stroke lab in the Toulon’s?

    I also wonder this^

    Strokelab is more about reducing the swingweight of the putter. Stability shaft is just that, stability, less torque/ twisting. I've had the stability shaft for about 3 months and love it. TXG has a good review on youtube with the stability shaft.

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    I was actually thinking of going the opposite way. I have no problems with shorter putts, but struggle with feel on long lag putts. I'm thinking about finding the most flexible shaft I can with a thin grip for better distance control. Should be an interesting experiment. I just need to find a heavy, super soft steel shaft.

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    installed a stability shaft with my newport2 and with no practice round, rolled some of the nicest putts yesterday.

    I don't know the science behind it or care for it; the line just stays longer and i was burning edgers from far away; those 5-7 footers felt more confident and it seem like i can't miss from that range which has always been a momentum killer for me during middle of the rounds where I needed those putts the most; i really recommend this thing.
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