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    Where does the shakedown end? If you get him to pay the $325, then get him to pay $75, why stop there? Maybe another $50 wouldn’t be too much. Then it’ll be $35 more because shipping was more than you expected.

    And if anyone asks me to gift? Nope. I don’t care how good the deal is.

    Both of these guys are clowns. Here’s how the first post should have gone:

    “I agreed on a price for two shafts with a seller. He asked me to gift the payment and I ghosted and blocked him.”

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    Both blocked. Shouldn’t take 49 posts to sell something. If Amazin can do one click.... we should be able to do less than 10 pms!
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    Let's be clear about a couple things: The only thing the OP did wrong was gift the funds via PayPal. If he wants to ask 100 questions about an item he is buying, that's his right, and he seemed to ask perfectly normal questions. He didn't escalate anything until the Seller backpedalled - after saying the only reason he hadn't shipped yet was because of the holiday. The buyer was asking for tracking info. NOTHING about that screams 'I'm about to bail and ask for a refund."

    Lots of comments about 'it shouldn't take 49 messages to sell an item.' I agree it shouldn't. That said There looked to be about 12-15 messages from the seller trying to chase down a buyer. He needed money, that much is clear, and it is only further evidenced by his shakedown of the OP for more money after a transaction had already taken place.

    I'd gladly do business with the OP. Not every member of this site lives on the forums and responds immediately to messages. OP communicated he had been with family and was headed to church. Paying for a golf club, while a matter of life and death to some, is not that important to others.

    Glad you shared, and good on you, OP, for taking the time to tell the whole story. That took some serious work.

    Learn your lesson about never gifting payment, and count your blessings that you got your money back.
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    Straight nightmare fuel right here.

    When will people learn...NEVER send money Paypal Friends and Family. Seriously, how many times do mods or other people in this forum have to tell people that? And yet no matter what, someone will do it the next time too...

    A couple of reports were submitted on this thread so I gotta lock it up until it can be cleaned and reopened.
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