Delta Putt, anyone else using one of these things?

GimmieHendrixGimmieHendrix Unregistered Posts: 153
Zero affiliation, just got one of these Delta Putt gadgets in today:

I must say it's incredibly clever, Dave is a sharp cookie. I'm using it without the mat just on the hardwood and I'd have to say it's really effective. I have a few squareness training devices, this is probably the most usable one so far. More than that though I like it for testing, it reveals exactly what each putter in my collection is doing. Apps and sensors are great but this analog way is more intuitive. Less thinking, more doing. Anyone else here using one of these things? If so, what sort of results have you achieved?


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    Never seen one, how does it work?

    You might get more responses if you post this on the Putter forum.
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    Sorry I thought this was gadget spot, will do!

    You hit it like a golf ball and it goes straight if you were square but if you weren't it skids accordingly so you instantly see how much you were out and whether it was toe or heel. It has three sides, one is easy, one is medium, one is hard. It's remarkable. So simple yet so profoundly useful. Such a clever design. Just found this on Youtube:

    I'm not so huge on the mat, I just use it on the hardwood, my new fave tool for comparing putters. (something I do a lot)
  • ddettsddetts Roy McAvoy Sioux Falls, SDClubWRX Posts: 1,514 ClubWRX
    I just watched the video, seems like a pretty cool practice aid!

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