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For anyone who cares, I'll post a review of the speeder evo 3 soon.

I play the aldila rogue 125 msi in my driver. Nothing bad about the shaft at all. But I play a speeder evo 2 in my 3wood and it's my favorite club...because of the shaft.

I decided to give the evo 3 a go because it's supposed to be a slightly higher launching shaft than the evo 2.

I'll do a direct comparison of the evo 3 with the 125msi rogue. I'll also compare feel differences between the evo 2 and evo 3.

Rogue is a 60 tour s

Evo 3 is an x flex 757 that will probably be tipped an inch.


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    Got the shaft put in my backup 16 m2 and had a chance to hit a few balls on a launch monitor yesterday. Numbers were mostly identical to the rogue. Shot shape too.

    Lower back and legs were really tight and sore from a big leg workout Monday night so everything was off a bit so the test was mostly useless. Both the rogue and the speeder were launching much lower than normal for me.

    Will put better swings on both on the range Saturday.

    From a feel standpoint, the speeder feels like it should at X flex - stout and sturdy. It went straight in, no tipping, and came out around or slightly over 7.0. The rogue, even at S flex is the same.

    Rogue has a bit more flex in the middle. Speeder stays with me all the way through.

    More to come.
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    Still no launch monitor data but after a range session, it looks like I have a new gamer driver shaft. The speeder outperformed the rogue rather significantly from a dispersion perspective.

    Will validate with launch monitor data soon to make sure the speeder isn't spinning up.
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    On course testing and....

    Rogue wins hands down. Every hole I hit both drivers, the rogue was longer and straighter.

    To the bst
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