The Curious Case of Tommy Tolles



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    bullsfan wrote:

    Back in 1999 I was invited to play in the Honda Classic Pro Am in south Florida. Tommy was my playing partner and we had a blast playing together. Cool guy and I have always rooted for him as well. I myself am glad to see him playing on the Champions Tour. Hope he does well.

    Thanks for sharing. It sounds pretty cool.
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    Incredible coincidence...there was a post created very shortly before yours that asked something to the effect of "tell me about your experience with a PGA tour player". I immediately thought of Tommy Tolles, but just didn't post and then your created this thread! As I see this thread again tonight, I must add my story. I met Tommy at a 24 hr fitness in Omaha, NE back in the mid to late 2000's as he was playing the Nationwide event here in town. I recognized him immediately and he was very gracious to chat with me for a while and answer some questions. He seemed to enjoy that he was recognized in a secondary market in middle America. I wondered what ever happened to him and at the same time as the above mentioned post, I saw that he was leading a Champions tour event! I guess my mind was to blown to post at the time, but just could not resist tonight! I hope to see him contending more in 2019!
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