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I've played Tour Velvet Cords for several years, and while I really like them they tend to wear down very quickly. Got started using them when I lived in coastal Georgia where the humidity required cord grips. Don't really need cord anymore, and I wouldn't mind something a little softer to the touch. Don't think I could ever go as far as a Winn style grip, but I'm open to options. Anything new on the market that's worth checking out? Maybe the CP2 Pro?


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    After switching to Lamkin many years ago I would never consider going back to Golf Pride.

    So many options to choose from and their corded grips are actually pretty soft. I'm playing the UTX these days but was a Crossline cord guy before that.

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    I use to be fully into the MCC+4, now I have switched.

    Take a look at the Grip Master Perforated or the Kangaroo leather grips (Golfworks). These are leather grips and they are tacky so they will NOT move. I play with no gloves, hot or cold.

    Cleaning them is easy, just a wet cloth and wipe down. I have not worn any out and they are way softer on my hands than the cord of the MCC+4
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    When I worked in retail I regripped thousands of golf clubs. Winn are very soft but wear very quickly, lots of guys went thru at least one set per year. The firm winns felt hard and plastic like. Golf Pride is number 1 and got the most regrips from them. Ok grips but overpriced the mcc line of cord grips. I played them for a couple years but they worn and got hard. I switch to Lamkin when I started getting arthritis with the grids that had Kevlar in them then on to the ace rel 3gen which were soft, tacky and lasted. Then to utx which is a great cord grip. I see they have discontinued the ace rel 3gen and come out of quite frankly a lot of ugly looking grips with line and different textures, etc. I like a plain black grip with one texture, and a compound that is medium firmness that absorbs shocks.

    Staying with Lamkin they were the first and are the best.
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    If you like the profile of the TVFC's, going with the regular Tour Velvet is an easy choice.

    The Lamkin Crossline Blacks are comparable. I really like the REL Ace's. They wouldn't appear to be very grippy with the pattern on them, but they are soft'ish and stay tacky.
    I am not brand loyal. I am just seriously OCD.

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    I really like the Lamkin UTX cord wrap grips. No slip, even in humid or wet conditions, with a nice feel.
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    A nice "older school" option would be Lamkin Crosslines. Similar in many ways to the Tour Velvet - but I find they last a lot longer and since you're going no-cord, will likely feel a touch softer than your old corded grips. (But certainly not as soft as a lot of the new compound grips).
  • ckayckay Members Posts: 4,018 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Pure. Do it. I was a huge Tour Velvet guy but these Pure grips will last seasons.
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    thumbs up for both Lamkin Crosslines and Tour Velvets.
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    it works

    when I need a change, there are 12 bags full to choose from .
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    A little while ago, received a free sample of this

    If I don't have half a case of Pure left, I would get some of these. Wonderful feel and did well in all kinds of weather like advertised. Of it's as durable as the OEM advertised then, it's the best grip I had tried in recent years.
  • GnomesteelGnomesteel Members Posts: 982 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The TS1 looks interesting. All the things I'd want in a grip, but gawd they're ugly. Why can't they just make an all black one?
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    I've been using Iomic grips for 7 or 8 years now, and I love them. They start pretty tacky, and stay tacky for a long long time. Even when they show wear, and many of mine are 2 years old and have wear spots, the tackiness remains. I've also used the Pure DTX decently, but prefer the Iomics.

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