Putting with flag in (MERGED)



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    Never say never. That’s just not true. If you hit it hard on the low side it can spit out a ball that would lip in.

    Almost never. Or it’s unlikely to spin one out is true. But not never. Also see plenty of putts hit the back of the cup hard , pop up and fall back in. Some of those hit the pin and are knocked out to a few inches.

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    gioreeko wrote:

    I'm confused.

    All the studies say it's either a tie or a slight advantage to leave it in.

    Yet we're having arguments about pace of play caused by some people wanting it in and others wanting it out.

    The simplest solution is just leave it in. You get the advantage (if any) and there's no doubt that doing nothing at all with it has to be the quickest. (side benefit is it helps the greens as you don't have lazy players dropping the flag and leaving a small trench)

    Anyways, as we all know, slow players will be slow regardless.

    Yes. But there's a few of headcases thay seem to putt horribly With it in. Especially close putts. (5-10 ft). The rules give us a choice. Not an ultimatum to leave it in.

    I may be one of those people.

    On solo rounds late in the day I often leave it in - BUT the idea that my ball could bounce out off the stick enters my mind and it affects my putt. I read Dave Pelz stats about leaving the flag in while chipping whenever he first published them, a good decade or more ago I think.

    My strategy for this season is to practice a couple of hundred putts until I get used to it. I suggest others try the same thing.

    Still freezing up here, so I can't do that for another 6 weeks +/-.

    It will NEVER make a ball that was going to go in NOT go in. M y g olf spiii's (sorry, you have to figure it out, if I name the real site, it gets edited out) tests confirm it.

    The Molinari tests did seem to show that at certain combinations of speed and location that fewer putts were made with the flagstick than without. I don't think there is quite enough data to make a blanket ALWAYS or NEVER statement.
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