Raybon Putters. Have they closed?

finchi5finchi5 Members Posts: 1,291
Bought a lovely Raybon the other month on eBay for £100 which was a compete bargain for the quality of the work. I’ve sent them numerous emails with no reply and I notice they have a machine listed on eBay. Anyone know what’s happened? Have they called it a day?

Shame if they have gone bust as they were fabulous and a fellow UK manufacturer.


  • Pleasedwith3puttsPleasedwith3putts Members Posts: 1,723 ✭✭
    Doesn't look too positive. As you say one of the partners seelling the CNC machine on Ebay and the other dumping a few putters over recent months
  • Sporting chanceSporting chance Members Posts: 188 ✭✭
    I made an enquiry with them about purchasing some blank heads, which initially they seemed positive about. Then the communication just stopped. They said to me that the cost of making 'one-offs' was too high so they needed to move on some in bulk to boost the income. They then said their cnc machine had broken.

    As you say Chris, doesn't sound good. Their work was excellent but it sounds like perhaps the business model was flawed ( purely my opinion ).

    I genuinely hope this is a glitch and they are back doing what they are good at soon.
  • dalton044dalton044 St. LouisMembers Posts: 953 ✭✭
    Too be honest their stuff to me never looked like something people would actually play with. Only something you’d have as decoration.
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  • manxytagmanxytag Members Posts: 522 ✭✭
    with a cnc machine it's pretty easy to make these putters, their problem is they all looked rubbish and them charge more than a Scotty is really stupid
  • finchi5finchi5 Members Posts: 1,291
    I agree with designs not being the norm or doing any of the popular headshapes. They should have done a Newport/anser for sure and retailed them at £250 I’m sure they would have done well with that. Sometimes it’s about keeping options simple, doing one off putters is too costly. The few I know like LaMont and Byron do this very well but they all have a cnc line too
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