I need a new 3 wood! Looking for max carry....



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    Second the ping anser 3 wood. One of the longest ive hit. Like others have said m4 and rogue if you want something newer.
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    The blue bomber Let me know if you want me send it out ...


    PM Sent!
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    Appreciate all the responses.

    My driver SS is high 90s

    I like an open face

    I typically hit the ball low.

    Ari Techner
    National Custom Works nationalcustomworks.com
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    IG: @nationalcustom
    Twitter: @WorksNational
    (still a huge club HO)
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    I am doing some testing this weekend on the sim with 3 woods. T1100 just came in.

    Rogue SZ 15* Pro Orange

    Epic SZ 13.5" T1100 Evenflow white

    816 Alpha 14* HZRDUS Yellow

    I am not a high ball hitter either, driver SS is just a few MPH more.
    TM Mini 11.5 Smoke 70
    F9 Tour 3w\13.5 - Smoke 70
    F9 Tour 5w\17.5- Smoke 70
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    Mizuno T7 - 48-53-58 - PX LZ 6.5
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    TM TP5X
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    The blue bomber Let me know if you want me send it out ...


    PM Sent!

    Replied. Send me a text
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    Another vote here for the 2016 M2 15*. Recently picked up a head and threw it on a Proforce V2 66s with proper tipping... This thing is almost as long as my G400 driver. I'm not a super long hitter so I'll take it, but my second option is a 915f 16.5*. Great high flight and likes to go straight, long, but not M2 long.
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    Cobra F9 14.5* Atmos blue 7s
    Titleist 816 H1 19*  Fujikura Motore 8.8 TS
    Bridgestone J15 CB Nippon Modus 120s  4-P
    Titleist SM5 50/56
    Odyssey PT2
    Srixon Z Star XV
  • JoeyClutch1316JoeyClutch1316 ClubWRX Posts: 5
    My M2 3 Wood (High Loft) is a rocket on the 1 of 10 times i hit it properly off the deck. Mine might end up in the classifieds in the spring.

    GL with the search!
    Cobra F8+, 8*, 12g back
    Shaft: Aldila NV Green 2kXV 65 X, Standard length


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    [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Loft: Standard; [/font][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Lie: 1* up[/font]
    [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Shaft: Nippon Pro Modus 120 X [/font]Standard length

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    I think any of the modern club heads could fill your need. I highly recommend you go get fitted for a proper shaft instead of focusing on the club head.

    I had an M2 3 wood that I just loved the look of. Couldn’t get any kind of consistency with it off the rack. Was fitted into a Tour AD and the difference was huge!

    Good luck!
  • leo the lionleo the lion Members Posts: 951 ✭✭
    Adams Speedline Super Ti XTD...............a monster and still the longest out there.

    Do a search on these forums and you'll see what folks were saying about these fairway and hybrids a couple of years ago. I had one and it melted a few par 5's.
    Driver, Fairway and Hybrid  LST 8.5 Tour Stiff 65, G30 3 Wood Tour Stiff 80 and G 19* #3 Stiff Tour Stiff 90 
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    Irons  G irons 4-UW AWT 2.0 Stiff white dot +1/2" plus Odyssey Duel Force 56 degree 
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    Putter  Queen Bee #8 
    Balls Titleist ProV1X, AVX and TaylorMade TP5X 
  • FmaxTurboSiFmaxTurboSi Members Posts: 159
    strong 3 woods "3+"
    Ping G400 LST 10* Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 Testing:Srixon z785 9* Tensei PO 70tx and Ping G400max 9* Tensei PO 70tx
    TM M3HL Tensei PO 80tx
    X-forged 4-P C-taper 125 S+
    MD4 raw 50*s-grind, 56*c-grind KBS 610 wedge 125g
    TM Hi-toe 60* $-taper black 120
    Evnroll ER2
    Bennington QO9 Lite
    Bridgestone Tour BRX, Srixon Z star XV

    Backup: Srixon z565 4-aw Modus Tour 105, Callaway Rogue 4w Hzrdus Yellow 6.5
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    Another vote for the Big Bertha Alpha 816 - great low cost option, adjustable, low spin, looks great at address, and much easier to hit than the name suggests.
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    sleezyt wrote:

    Second the ping anser 3 wood. One of the longest ive hit. Like others have said m4 and rogue if you want something newer.

    Going to 3rd the Ping Anser 3 wood, very easy to hit of the tee and off the ground
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    TEE CB4, Wishon 949/929 - all in 16.5.

    Paired with the Purple Ice or something with a similar profile. (If it fits you!)
  • nilopolnilopol Members Posts: 676
    tzerr wrote:
    Another vote for the Big Bertha Alpha 816 - great low cost option, adjustable, low spin, looks great at address, and much easier to hit than the name suggests.

    I concur, and you can interchange shafts to find your optimal combination!
  • extrastiffextrastiff Members Posts: 863 ✭✭
    tzerr wrote:

    Another vote for the Big Bertha Alpha 816 - great low cost option, adjustable, low spin, looks great at address, and much easier to hit than the name suggests.

    Another vote for 816 alpha. I have one on bst if u wanna try it out, has a chrome elements shaft that fits your swing speed.

    Also a huge fan of the f8 and f8+ 3 woods. Baffler a are awesome.

    F8+ was too small for me
    g400 max 9* | hzrdus black 75 6.5
    f8 15* | hzrdus black 75 6.5
    p790 4i | steelfiber 95x
    black utility onelength 22.5*, 26* | steelfiber 110x
    forged onelength 6i | steelfiber 110x
    p730 7i-pw | steelfiber 110x
    hi-toe 52*9, 56*8, 62*5 | steelfiber 110x
    jumbomax tour medium grips
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    TEE Tour EX9
    Yadi for President
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    G400 standard, 14.5 loft
    G Max Driver, Tour 65 Stiff
    G400 3 & 5 Woods Alta CB Reg
    G400 2,3,4,5 Hybrids Alta CB Reg
    G410 Irons, 6-U, Green Dot, Alta CB Reg + 1/2"
    Glide Stealth 54 (SS) & 58 (WS) Green Dot, Alta CB Reg + 1/2"
    Ping Sigma 2 Valor, Stealth


    I'm a handicap golfer in my 50's. Any opinions I have about golf equipment or professional golfers or the game in general should be taken as seriously as you would the opinions of a random guy in the fourball ahead of you who just shot 92 but is usually better than that.
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    I wish the standard rogue was neutral and not closed. Wasn’t a fan of the sz. I wish they were adjustable too. Didn’t care for m3 head either. Currently using a m2 tour 3hl but looking forward to new heads in 2019. I’m curious how the new Titleist ts2 are. I like the adjustability of them. I don’t feel like ping fairways are that hot. I do love the ls driver though.

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    Vokey SM7 Tour Chrome 50.12F, 56.10S, 60.04L S200
    Bettinardi BB29 Putter

  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Members Posts: 11,857 ✭✭
    I have a gajillion 3 and 4 wood heads

    The two best I've ever hit are the 2016 GBB (it is money with the stock 50g KK shaft fwiw) and the G400 .. both deep off the tee and simple off the deck
    Ping G400 LST 11* Oban Revenge 65x
    Ping G400 5w 16.5* Oban Kiyoshi White 65s
    Ping G25 7w 20* Fubuki Tour 73x
    Ping G25 4h 23* Diamana White 92s
    Callaway Apex 5h 26* Mitsu KK 80s
    Ping s55 6-PW Fujikura mci 100s
    Vokey sm2 50* 54* 59* 64* DG s400 Onyx
    Piretti Matera Elite (torched)
  • mackbergmackberg Mackberg Members Posts: 45 ✭✭
    My brother in law has the M2 HL 16.5 with AD-DI 7s and it’s a ridiculous combo. And he uses 75 gram graphite shafts in his irons. He hits that 3 wood so well i wonder why he even bothers with his M1 driver w 50 gram Tensei blue. I hit it too and am jealous:)
  • rxk9fanrxk9fan MidwestMembers Posts: 764 ✭✭
    My M2 with HZRDUS High loft was....high----way too high! It left too big a gap from driver.

    My M4 tour with Oban Tour Limited shaft is the longest 3 I have hit. Second in length would be the now gone Rogue SZ with HZRDUS Yellow

    Of course my 3 wood is like some folks 3i :-). A super well struck 3wood for me is 235 carry so have to consider that in the equation. It is my club of choice for a carry of 220 to 235.
    Mizuno 190ST with Tensei Blue Stiff
    Taylormade M4 tour 3 wood with stiff Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited
    Cobra Baffler 6 with UST Elements Stiff
    Srixon U65 4i with SteelFiber R
    Srixon Z765 with SteelFiber R shafts
    Cobra Black Forged Tec 4i - AW with Recoil F4 shafts
    Vokey 58, 54, 50
    Taylormade Spider X

    I am thinking about playing golf next year instead of HOing clubs!  
    Oh, changed my mind and still HOing ....but HC finally moving in the right direction.
    Definitions: HOing is changing any spot in your bag 3 or more times in a year
                       Optimizing is changing any/every spot in your bag up to twice a year :-)
  • driveandputtmachinedriveandputtmachine 4 wedges or 2 iron? That is the question! Members Posts: 1,171 ✭✭

    Since I don't know your swing much....and going just by ballspeeds... I've tested just about every new 3wood in the last 3-4 years... and for pure ball speeds......

    Cobra LTD

    Rogue SZ


    ...produce the fastest ball speeds. The sleeve of the M3/LTD would allow you to tweak launch conditions.

    edit: ballspeeds validated on my GC2/HMT.

    Not sure about the Rogue or M3, but the Cobra LTD was crazy long. Like it messed with my yardage gaps it went so long. I am playing the F8+ now and it is more in line with what I like to see distance wise.
    Driver - Ping 400 MAX on Tour 65 
    Fairway - Cobra F9 on UST Axivcore Black
    Others - Srixon 785 5 Wood on UST Axivcore Black or TM UDI 2 iron on Nippon 130 or Ping G400 17* 
    Irons - (4-A) Taylormade 790's on KBS Tour
    Wedges - Cleveland Rotex 3.0 55*, Rotex 4.0 60* on KBS tour
    Putter - Mannkrafted MA/66 or Taylormade Spider
    Ball - TM TP5x or Srixon Z Star XV
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    TM M2 Tour 16.5


    Kasco K2K 33 (circa 2000)
    USGA Index: ~2

    2018 Taylormade M3 8.5 Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6x
    Taylormade M2 Tour 15 Fujikura Pro TourSpec 73 S
    Kasco K2K 33 - UST Axivcore 65 Tour Green S
    Callaway RazrX Tour 4h - stock shaft in S
    Ping i200 5-UW (2 flat) - Nippon Modus 105X
    Ping Glide 2.0 - SS 54 (bent to 55 & 2 flat)
    Taylormade Ho Toe 64 (Bent to 62 & 2 flat)
    Palmer AP30R putter (circa 1960s)
    Taylormade TP5X Ball
  • JHRJHR Charter Members Posts: 4,347 ✭✭
    CircleC29 wrote:

    ago33 wrote:
    Callaway rogues are by far the longest

    Have to agree here! If you want distance, it's Rogue.

    Another vote for the Rogue woods. I have not hit a Callaway fairway club in years and the new ones are outstanding. I am also really liking the TM M4 Tour Fairway and the TS offerings . I can highly recommend any of these 3.
  • vartanickvartanick Members Posts: 146 ✭✭
  • jonn443jonn443 Jonnystx Members Posts: 4,596 ✭✭
    AB TP 3HL w/ 757.

    Best combo I've ever hit. I'd go with that or the 2016 M2 3HL.
    AB TP 10.5*/ DI6X
    AB TP 3HL / 757
    XTD 19*/ Fubuki Ax
    DWS 24*/ VS Proto
    J15 CB 5-PW/ Modus 3 125S
    X-Forged MD (50*, 56* 60*)
    Spider Si/ SS Mid SLim 2.0
  • SSwansonSSwanson Members Posts: 35 ✭✭
    Cobra LTD is one of the longest fairway woods I've ever hit.

    Some people have issues elevating them off the deck. Mine has an elements Chrome shaft and I have no problem at all. I had one with the stock Rogue Black shaft last season, and I do remember it being harder to get up in the air.
    Titleist TS-3 9.5 degree Driver
    Titleist TS-2 16.5 degree Fairway
    Taylor Made P790 UDI
    Mizuno JPX900 Tour 4-PW
    Titleist Vokey SM7 50.08F, 54.10S, 60.10S
    Scotty Cameron Newport Milspec 34"
  • leopoldstotchleopoldstotch Members Posts: 356 ✭✭
    Lefty96 wrote:

    I game a Callaway xr16. I'm not sure what its mechanically meant to do, and I've never hit it on a launch monitor, but on the course I hit high long bombs with it. I have no problem hitting it into greens because I can get it so high in the air.

    I second this, got one off CPO

    super easy to launch high and i gained some yards too.
    Taylormade M2 Driver (2016)
    Callaway XR16 3 Wood

    Cobra Fly Z 5 Wood
    Srixon H45 4 Hybrid

    Srixon Z565 5-AW
    Cleveland RTX 3 54/58
    Taylormade Spider Tour Red
  • FairwayFredFairwayFred Sponsors Posts: 4,020 ✭✭
    Did a bunch of testing today seems like I get the most carry and ball speed w the Rogue. Shaft was an Oban Izawa which was a nice surprise. But even w other shafts I seem to get the best performance from the Rogue head.
    Ari Techner
    National Custom Works nationalcustomworks.com
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    IG: @nationalcustom
    Twitter: @WorksNational
    (still a huge club HO)
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    For most carry into greens, get 3hl. For a lot of people they go further than a standard 3 wood. For a while I played a 17* M1 3hl and 19* M1 5 wood.
    Taylormade M2 ('17) 10.5*
    Cobra F7 15.5*
    Taylormade M1 ('17) 19*
    Mizuno MP18 Fli Hi 4i
    Mizuno MP18 SC 5-PW
    Cleveland RTX 588 2.0 52**, 56**, 60**
    Taylormade TP Red Ardmore 3
    Taylormade TPx
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