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Champkey Golf Grips

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Just wanted to share these with you guys.

Amazon is selling knock off Golf Pride MCC type grips under the "Champkey" brand.

I took a chance on them since they are half of the price of Golf Pride.

Also the reviews were pretty good.

I have the grey MCC type grip on 13 clubs (not putter) and I have not been disappointed. I'd say this is a deal ! I really like these grips. About 3-4 rounds with them, plus range trips / practice. No issues.

MCC imitations link:

[url=",Anti-Slip,Ecological-Technology,Soft-Material,Super-Stability/dp/B076Q3QQ1P/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1541538105&sr=8-4&keywords=champkey+golf+grip"] golf grip[/url]


Looks like they are going after WINN as well.

DriTac imitations:


Z-Grip Imitiations:


Z-Cord / Full cord imitations:

Champkey X Golf Grips Set of 13 - Cotton Yarn Golf Club Grips,Anti-Slip Grips (Black, Standard)

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