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American Putter Company BEWARE!



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    use some silicone or baby oil or just game the **** thing. Clubs can't stay perfect forever. Is it humid in your house?

    1/2 off a follow up putter is a **** of a deal......and that's not good enough? BTW, its raw stainless, not studio stainless bead blasted.

    Enjoy the fruits of the world - just don't get tangled up before you get there, it's not worth it.

    It’s more about the response at this point. All I asked was for them to make it right. Sure putters can wear from use. But 2 months old stored around 70 degrees indoor never seeing use on a green is pretty shotty work. It’s not plated and why would I buy another when the first one did that as well as some poor customer service. Also they source the “pure” stainless steel from overseas. It’s a low end product for a premium price. At least try to act like you care as a company. But it is what it is.
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    If you read the "About us" page it really tells you all you need to know. Some putter startup I've never heard of until I stumbled upon this thread is bashing the competition? whatever. I despise that sales tactic. Then go to the warranty page, I would have run like ****.
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    Opinder wrote:

    How to clean shiny on copper, brass?

    Vinegar and flour on copper, brass for 1 hrs then polishing clean. New shiny!

    Man why did Opinder get the ban hammer? He was kinda entertaining.
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    Looks like torched stainless to me.

    I’ve seen some torched 303 putters from Byron that had the exact same oxidation happen soon after the new owners started using the putter.

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    OP - suck it up.

    You did business with a company that is lackin is a history and tradition, and you paid a premium price, because that is what people do nowadays - they pay a premium price for things that they have little understanding of (sorry to all of my followers who have somewhat of an English language background...I ended a sentence with a preposition)


    Put on your big boy underware, and accept that you got what you paid for.

    Some real good information in the responses to your post, but...I would be you don't believe them.

    I hope that you find peace in your life.....
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    I hadn’t the following SS Scotty refinished by a fellow member. The torched finish was flawless. The putter sat in my rack, unused, for 3 weeks. On the morning of its maiden voyage I notice oxidization on the face, cavity and top line. I didn’t think I needed to protect the head as I do with some of my other putters. It is possible for raw SS to oxidize. Plain and simply. I’m not into ‘wall hangers’ so I’ve since put the putter into play and have moved on. Not once did I bother the refinisher as it is obvious that the environment affected the head. YMMV

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    the bishop wrote:

    Opinder wrote:

    How to clean shiny on copper, brass?

    Vinegar and flour on copper, brass for 1 hrs then polishing clean. New shiny!

    Man why did Opinder get the ban hammer? He was kinda entertaining.

    I was wondering the same thing actually lol...

    For OP: its simple, do a charge back via credit card, and mail it back to them. Get your money back. You have proof. Also if you used paypal even better. Its kind of insane they wont remedy this. They look like chinese anser blanks that they have just added cavity plates to. Never heard of them, but after seeing this thread, would never buy from them.
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    By the way, I fully realize the only part of putter that may possibly be Timascus is the medallion, just was making a point to see what type of response OP would receive from company- it was unfortunately as expected.
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    The “Godfather” is a stretch
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    Seems several people here have seen oxidation on 303 stainless (I never have but I’ve never dealt with torched 303). So it makes me wonder why, if this is normal, APC doesn’t know it can happen. They say they have made hundreds of similar putters but never heard of this before?

    I agree it sounds like APC has some chip on their shoulder about your trying to sell it on eBay. Lame. A newer company, especially one with active social media, should know they need to make this right or word gets around.

    If your credit card company will handle it, I’d let them take it from here. Keep us posted.
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    I sent them a question on their very first release of markers. They sold welded markers and advertised them as extremely limited. The markers sold out within minutes of the very first release. I was told 10 were made, yes 10....Well wouldn’t you know they were available a day later and stayed available for an additional 5 days. I emailed them asking how they were still available with only 10 being made. I knew what I was told originally was not the truth and asked that they supply a COA that would support their claims. I exchanged several nasty emails with them. I was mocked in every email, completely unprofessional. Low and behold they announced they would be issuing COA’s on all of the markers, about a week later. This was the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Terrible company and the customer service is even worse. I will assure you they will not be in business long.
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    I’m really hoping they come in here and try to defend their actions. &#55358;&#56606;
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    DRRicks wrote:

    I’m really hoping they come in here and try to defend their actions. &#55358;&#56606;

    That would be considered promotional and not allowed.
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