Done experimenting/upgrading :)

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Since joining WRX 4.5 years ago, I went from a simple Ping Eye 2 set with laminated maple woods and a Titleist Dead Center putter to the set I have in signature. Tried many different drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, iron set, wedges, and putters (ohhh there was LOTS of putters)

I am at a place now where I won't chance unless a club wears out or breaks. Was a fun journey. If my specs change I may adjust or bump my current set. My current set I only have about 1k into and if bought new would cost close to 5k. Everything bought off kijiji. It was fun, and I learned a lot about equipment. Was a fun 4.5 year hobby, but I need to invest time elsewhere. I still look at kijiji ads and if I see something ridiculously cheap I will buy to sell it for more. Anyone else in same boat?
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