• Ben BerubeBen Berube Benny B Members Posts: 2,515 ✭✭
    Wow like a full bag of amazingness!
    WITB (for this week =)
    - TC GBB 9.0 w/KK SS 60s Proto
    - TC Alpha 816 16* w/Voodoo 7s
    -Tour Issue Dhy Pro 21* / 18* hybrids w/Matrix Tour White/Black Ties
    -Mp63 raw 4-p w/Black Smoke KBS120s
    -Mp10 52-56-60’s
    -Putter - revolving door but lean towards Tour Issue Ody’s

    Testing - Everything and Anything to try and improve. Golf is all what you make of it!

    ***always up for trades***
  • JimmyDJimmyD Members Posts: 147 ✭✭
  • nrgolf25nrgolf25 ClubWRX Posts: 160
    JimmyD wrote:

    So tempting!

    Getting ready to drop prices, make an offer!
  • BacksidefloaterBacksidefloater Members Posts: 159 ✭✭
    I'd be interested in buying just the 4 iron if someone else wanted 5-PW
    G400 Max 9*
    Rogue SZ 15*
    H818 H2 19*
    Z745 4-PW
    RTX4 50, 54, 58
    Touon San Diego
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