Scotty Cameron Teryllium Ten Head Weight

barksdal87barksdal87 ClubWRX Posts: 117 ✭✭
Ive always had a thing for the Scotty Cameron Teryllium Ten Limited Release. Does anyone know where these fall as far as head weight? They dont have weight ports so it seems like if you dont like the weight your only option is tape. Pictures for your consideration....





  • BYKBYK Members Posts: 1,650 ✭✭

    340 is the HW
    Yadi for President
  • barksdal87barksdal87 ClubWRX Posts: 117 ✭✭
    BYK wrote:


    340 is the HW

    Thanks BYK!
  • Rob McHughRob McHugh Rob ClubWRX Posts: 976 ClubWRX
    Beautiful stick but beware, I always found it had a ‘hot spot’ and the ball seemed to fly off the face occasionally. :-)

  • Scotty1140Scotty1140 Members Posts: 4,445 ✭✭
    Nice putter!

    I just hate how he had to label the sole stamp with the words “sole stamp” haha. That always seemed goofy to me.

    IMO, there’s a disappointing lack of copper options (solid head and insert) in the putter world these days. The copper lovers need more.
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