Bushnell V2 killing batteries

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I thought I had a couple of bad batteries, but my buddy gave me one, and I got the one from Precision Pro, and those died too. My Bushnell V2 suddenly was killing an entire battery between rounds (cr2 battery). Yes, 1 round per battery. Happened 4 times in a row, within 2 weeks.

At first I though the unit wasn't shutting off, but the display was, at least. Obviously some other kind of short in the unit.

Anyone ever experience this? I already ordered a Precision Pro (first time not buying a Bushnell), so I might rip this one apart and see if I can find the issue.


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    I think it’s a known flaw but bushnell will not acknowledge it. I got rid of mine, wasted a battery whenever I forgot to take it out after using. My son has had a v3 and it’s still on the original battery two years later. He plays 1 round a week in winter and 3 or 4 times a week in summer.
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    Yeah, something must have gone bad internally to all of a sudden start eating batteries. My TourX is only using a battery every10-12 months. Not that I don't keep spares in the bag though since you never get any warning that they are going to stop working.
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    Yeah, I would probably go through 1 battery every 15-20 rounds, something like that. At first I thought the button was getting stuck on, but that wasn't it because the display would shut off after 30 seconds. Then I thought it might be that the button is getting pressed while the bag is in the bag of the car, even though it's in a semi-hard case. I took that variable out of the equation. Too bad, the thing still worked great. Haven't dropped it in ages.

    Agree, the battery indicator is completely useless.
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    The V2's were known to go through batteries fairly often. When I had mine I would use a couple batteries per season. I got rid of it and replaced it with a V4. Still using the same battery in it after two full seasons. If my memory is correct the display on the V2 would stay on for about 30 seconds after hitting the button. On the V4 its reduced to about 5 seconds after locking on target (plenty of time to see the readout). Plus Bushnell may have updated with more efficient electronics. Both are OK units - the V2 just went through batteries.
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    The issue i'm having though is a new problem. Yeah, I'd go through a battery every 15-20 rounds, but not *every* round. There's a short in there somewhere which is putting a load on the battery even when not in use.

    BTW, LCD displays take very little power. Most of the drain is the laser, and I suspect the laser is staying on for some reason. In normal use the laser is on for a very short time, probably milliseconds.
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    larrybud wrote:

    I suspect the laser is staying on for some reason. In normal use the laser is on for a very short time, probably milliseconds.

    I wonder if this type of test might detect that

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    It's not UV, it's a laser. Plus he's showing a UV *filter*, which would block UV.

    The solution is to put an ammeter inline to see if power is drawn when the button isn't being pushed, and figure out where the draw is coming from.
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    larrybud wrote:

    It's not UV, it's a laser. Plus he's showing a UV *filter*, which would block UV.

    Lasers can be UV or almost any light wavelength for that matter. And the relevant point was the irradiation of the ink, not the filtering of it out.

    Although after a bit more research, the typical sport laser rangefinder are IR, not UV so it's a moot point anyways. Although there are ways to make IR light "visible" too and test for its presence.
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    Ive had the v2 for several years and seem to go through a battery every 15 to 20 rounds. I thought this was normal but being the batteries are $5 plus at the drug store Ive been buying them on ebay. You can get them for a couple bucks each if you buy 5 or more at a time which i figured was cheaper than a new range finder. Usually go through 4 a year.
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    Mine would go through a battery every round unless I removed the battery after playing. After I realized that something is shorting while in the case, I only put the battery in on the first tee, and I take it out after 18 - the few times I forgot, the battery would be dead by the next time I played.

    However, I do get around 30 rounds per battery now, so I’ll stick with it for the timebeing.
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    Get a Nikon, I've had same one for nearly 10 years, might replace the battery once a year tops.
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