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    duffer987 wrote:

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    Interesting. Not counting Kiawah's incredibly good value winter stays which blow the others out of the water; we find Kohler's 3 days + replays/2 nights stay to be excellent value.

    Pinehurst and Pebble being the worst 'value'. Everyone has their IMHO, but not sure what part of all the tour buses and looky-loos leads to a better ambiance.

    Pebble is an awesome course, but being in that fishbowl knocks the 'experience' down a peg for me.

    Totally get this sentiment, and see how many feel this way. I guess to qualify my opinoin I must submit that I have not found a better golf ambiance than the huge balcony off the rooms in the Alvorada building at the lodge fronting the 18th fairway overlooking still water cove, or having dinner as the sun sets at the Bench seated at the firepits as the last groups roll up 18. More expensive yes, IMO better value than anything the American club has to offer. Dont read this as a knock on Kohler. It is world class to be sure, but for my tastes the American Club is a solid skip. This opinion values the actual golf similarly.

    That's fair enough. I just find the hustling and bustling overshadows the physical setting and those views. And then all the foot traffic during the day really puts a damper on things for me. I actually prefer sitting on a bench watching groups come up 9/18 at The Straits, to 18 at Pebble.

    I think NCGA specials and then a nice spot in PG or Carmel can be excellent value as such; however, then we're appling and oranging things.

    Of course I prefer sitting on the deck in the Golf suite at Bandon, seeing the ocean and watching groups come up 18 there more than any of them image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Apologies OP (is he still around, lol) for the rabbit hole digression here. I'm out.

    I'm a member at an SCGA club and I haven't seen any Pebble specials lately. They used to send them out a couple times a year.
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    vallygolf wrote:

    Dont read this as a knock on Kohler. It is world class to be sure, but for my tastes the American Club is a solid skip. This opinion values the actual golf similarly.

    Couldn't agree more. I've said this before in other threads but I found the American Club to be the most overrated/overpriced lodge I've stayed at. Includes stays at Pebble, Pinehurst, Kiawah, and Sea Island among others. Just a complete skip for me next time.
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    I go on a golf trip every year, end of June. How are the accommodations and food at Sand Valley? We went to Whistling Straits 2 years ago and stayed at Woodlake and played all 4 courses, had a great time, loved The Straits, Irish, Blackwolf Run and Meadows in that order. Thinking of going back there but have read some great things about Sand Valley. How is Mammouth Dunes compare? The Sand Box? Stayed in Cabot last year, loved the golf, hated the food....
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    We were there last August and played all the courses at SV and Kohler and also Erin Hills and The Bull.

    SV accommodations are new and nice, but not luxury. Food was good. And sitting out behind the clubhouse with some whiskey and a cigar watching the sunset is spectacular.

    SV courses are very nice, but not even in the same league as Erin Hills and Whistling Straits.

    Our group of eight voted on their favorite courses for this trip. Erin Hills and Whistling straits were #1 or #2 on everybody's list. Mammoth Dunes was last or next to last on every list. Sand Valley, Blackwolf Run River, The Bull and Whistling Straits Irish were all bunched in the middle.

    Even thought MD was last on our list, I recommend going there. It was a lot of fun.

    Caddies at Sand Valley are also a level below Erin Hills and Whistling Straits.
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    If those are your only options and you are only playing 2 rounds I'd go with Erin Hills and the Straits. Those are two lifetime experience courses. I've been fortunate to play the Straits 3 times and Erin Hills twice. I'd happily go play either course again.

    I know this is an unpopular opinion but I was unimpressed with Black Wolf Run, I played both courses there for free while working in Wisconsin and I'd never pay to play them. They were in excellent shape and the greens were phenomenal but the layouts were forgettable aside from a few holes.

    Haven't played Sand Valley yet as they were finished after I moved away from Madison, they look interesting, I'll play them when I get back out there.
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