Worst Shot You Ever Had



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    Lateral rights for almost a year.....ugh, I couldn't quit. Played fwy woods thru an 11 wood and made myself a set of hybrid irons 6-pw, and played a standard GW and SW. Those were some troubling times lol. But **** those hybrid irons were so easy to hit and were money out of the rough. I decided to switch back the following year and never had any sustained issues with that shot again. My favorite shot was with the 7h, which was about my 155 club, but I could hit a punch cut all the way from 125-145 that stopped on a dime!
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    Not a single shot per se, but wet thin brown bare winter grass allows me to put quite an impressive run of shanks back to back to back.
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    Our course used to have granite hole number signs that showed the yardage and general layout of the holes and so forth. They were typically between the cart paths and the tees - between the back and middle tees. It was pretty wide open layout without trees or anything. I remember once on the twelfth hole that was 425 yards I hit a line drive right off of the post of the sign, which being solid granite propelled the ball backwards over the 11th green into the rough on the 10th leaving me about 180 yards behind where I started on the tee. Had about 600yds for my second shot into the hole. It was definitely the worst shot on paper and probably by a “strokes gained” number haha.
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    par three about 220 at one of our regular haunts good sized approach area. big green. left and ahead of the pin is squirrley rough. very left is a trap.

    the right side has a hill running the full length of the hole, about thirty feet high, tall fescue, graded about fifty degrees with a flat top six feet across.

    bad enough to land in that crud, though sometimes a good bounce will send it down a bit toward the path at the base.

    nope. I crank one so stiff I'm at the top like Edmund Hilary at Everest.

    at times one of our guys will miss low on that hill but every time we're there I know they are looking at me to see if I'm going for a hike.
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    Okay....I think I have it.

    I was going through a real weird period a few years ago. I was swinging kind of like Annika and Duval where they look ahead of the ball during impact. This occurred as a result of practicing without a ball, actually. I was making tons of practice swings at home thinking I was practicing but I really just developed this weird habit.

    Sometimes I did hit it great, but I would occasionally shank it as I looked ahead and spun out of the shot. So for a couple months my game was just horrid.

    Fast forward to one round where I was walking 9-holes. It was probably a weekend. I was coming up the 2nd hole and during a lay-up on a Par-5 I hit a cold shank. Okay, that's not the bad shot. Just saying...the round was kind of crap.

    So eventually I make it to #6 which is a Par-3. I tee up a 6-iron and flush it. Beautiful tight little drawn to a center pin. Couldn't see exactly what happened but I get up there and it's in the cup. Fantastic...my first (and only) hole in one.

    So I go to the next hole, #7, a par-5. Can't remember what happened. Who even cares, right?

    Anyhow, I catch up to a guy who's practicing and he lets me through so we're both standing on #8 tee which is another Par-3. He asks how I'm hitting them and of course I tell him about my hole-in-one. He congratulates me and I tee one up.

    I swing and BOOM...a cold shank into the trees. Okay...whatever...tee it up again and redeem yourself cowboy...

    ...so I tee another up and BOOM...another cold shank into the trees.

    I can't imagine what that guy probably thought. If that's not the most f'd up 9-holes I've ever played I don't know what is.
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    In a tournament on a par three, a playing partner Hits a shot and it’s possible it could be in the range OB. He hits a provisional and jars it. Walking up to the green he steps on his first shot in the rough, so he has to play that one. A chunk, skull, chunk 2 putt 6.
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    I drove a par 4 once and 4 putted

    The funniest shot was a hole with water on the left (lake oconee) and there was a guy in a boat. I hit a hook into the lake in his direction and everyone in my group yelled “fore in the boat”
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    Ok.... working as an assistant pro at a local private club I'm on the 6th hole, par 3 of 130 yds with large elevation change from tee to green,playing beat the pro during a member guest, I had never done it before so I was a bit nervous... so the players place their bets... maybe 20 bucks each and if they get closer to the hole than my shot they get it doubled in a pro shop gift cert. So I tee up a ball and proceed to cold shank it across the fairway of the adjacent par 5 and the ball ended going farther than it would have if I hit the green... really embarrassing.

    Doing the same thing on the same hole the following summer this group comes to the tee a member and his 3 guests... they all place their bets and the member (who had a mid to high 6 figure income) declines to bet... so I hit a good shot to maybe 6 or 8 feet one of the three guests beats me the other 2 don't... so the member gets up and .. you guessed it... knocks one in the hole.... talk about embarrassed... they were still breaking his balls at dinner 3 or 4 hours later, telling anyone that would listen how cheap he was.. he never declined to bet again as long as I worked there anyway.....
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    Playing the 18th, right in front of the clubhouse. I thought i grabbed my 9 iron but grabbed my 8 instead. I needed to get on the 9 pretty good but hitting the 8 like i did i bouced it right at the tin covered cart area at the front door and i swear if bouced off every cart under there and into the tin roof 3 or 4 times. It’s was a disaster and then 3-4 guys came out wondering what the heck just happened. It was embarrassing I didn’t even go get that ball
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    Playing competitive golf, easy par 4, had 160 left sitting in the middle of the fairway, pulled my 9 iron, shanked it dead right into some trees, found the ball...just past an OB stake....🤬
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    any form of tequila...wait, what?

    For real though, at the River course at Blackwolf Run on #3 i bladed a long bunker shot over the green, over the cart staging area and a few employees, and off the roof of the clubhouse. i went straight to #4 lol. oops...
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    Not necessarily my worst, but a long time ago, when I was probably a 30 hcp, I was playing with my wife (she’s probably played a sum total of 5 rounds).

    Anyway, I tee off on the 8th hole, hit a ball left between 90 and 45 degrees, it clocks a tree about 40 yards away dead solid, flys right back at me and I catch it in my left hand.

    My wife rolls over laughing, and still reminds me about that shot from time to time.

    Recently, I was trying out new country clubs and was playing a preview round at a very high end club. I had been struggling with my driver but had been nailing my 3 wood. So I put the driver away. Anyway, a few holes later, I take a swing with the 3 wood and take a giant divot about a foot behind the ball, club bounces into the top of the ball, and I dribble the ball a few feet in front of me into the marshland just beyond the tee box. Just had to laugh. And of course, I tee up again hitting 3 and stripe it like I had the last 5 holes.
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    When I got back into playing tournaments I had a complete meltdown. First tee I went OB twice.... took a 9. Next hole OB once... took a 7... next hole OB.... took a 8. I remember thinking omg I may shoot 120. On hole 4 I was so nervous over a punch out I whiffed. When I finally got on the green I missed a 15 footer and had a 1 foot tap in. My mind was chaos.... I felt like I was going to puke or pass out. I literally yipped the ball and somehow missed. Those were my worst shots ever !!! I mentally felt like I couldn't even swing a club. Hole 6 or so... I said f it... and said I do not care anymore.... and started playing golf again. I have never had anything like this happen since " fingers crossed"
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    CasualLie wrote:

    Ian Baker Finch!
    My buddy and I were walking back to our hotel in St. Andrews and passed by the first tee at the Old Course. I asked my friend, "How in the world did Ian Baker Finch manage to hit it out of bounds left from that tee?" The golf gods were listening. The next morning as I stood on the first tee, my caddie said aim a little left and hit a small fade. I set up to do that and instead hit a massive over the top double cross and the ball headed about 30 yards left of my target line. That last I saw of the ball was it bouncing through the boundary fence, across the street and rattling around the front steps of one the houses that faced the course. The worst shot I've seen was a friend of mine teeing off on a par 4. I don't know how he managed it but he came in so steep the ball went straight up, spun back and landed in the bushes behind the tee. In the meantime he is looking down the fairway asking if anybody saw the ball land.
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    I've hit some really bad ones... But one that sticks out to me occurred 8ish years ago.

    We were playing in a pro-am for a Web.com (then Nationwide) tour event. In those days I was a legit scratch so was pretty confident in my abilities. As we were waiting for the horn to blow to start the tournament (shotgun start) me and the pro were chatting. He asked what everyone's handicap was so obviously I puffed out my chest and said what mine was (I think was about a +2 at the time but can't remember exactly). Big mistake.

    In those days I had a Ping G2 3W with a steel shaft. The first hole of the day is a dogleg left. At about 270 the fairway makes a 90 degree turn so I used my trusty 3 wood. I take a few practice swings (lookin good!!) and address the ball--boy I'm really looking forward to impressing this pro with my beautifully struck tee shot.

    I take the club back and start my downswing. Sometime during my downswing the steel shaft of my 3 wood breaks completely in half--like before I've even made contact. The part of the shaft with the head flies down and hits the ball, propelling it forward about 2 feet. We all just stood there dumbfounded as we examined my now destroyed 3 wood. Certainly not what I expected to happen to start the pro-am!
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    I was playing in a charity golf day, in one of the late groups. The clubhouse was full watching the 18th green and plenty of beers flowing. I nearly drove the short par 4 and finished in the bunker front left to some applause. Getting a little too full of myself I bladed it out of the bunker. It was almost slow-mo as I saw the ball travelling towards the clubhouse. A split second later everyone heard the smash of a window on the clubhouse followed a metallic thud as it hit a car. A big cheer and a lot of embarassment I decided to give the evening meal a miss. Didn't fancy showing my head in the clubhouse after that.

    Perhaps not the worst, but certainly the most embarassing shot I've ever played.
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    I had a buddy that was a 4 cap switch to lefty when he got the shanks. First it was just the 7>LW ... then it was the whole set

    He got down to a 6 as a lefty. He's now back to righty. Here's the best .. he has six aces, 5 in tourney's and 2 of the six aces were left handed !!!

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    Made the trek all the way to the home of golf. Standing on the first tee, hybrid in hand, hands shaking. 10 minutes after showing my 3 handicap card to the starter I proceed to put a big fatty 50 yard duff to the 18 fairway. Boy that was a hard walk out of the shadow of the R&A building...
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    Mine is definitely a chunked 3 wood out of the middle of the fairway after hitting one of the longest drives of my life. Went left into the trees and about 40 yards. Not really a chunch, more like a complete and utter tradgedy, coming off a nice par on one of the toughest par 3's at my home course. Ended up making a triple on that 18th hole par 5.

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    I can pick from these two.

    1) Playing in a college tournament. The course had super fast greens. I one hopped it over the back of one. Pins in the back and the green is slipping away from me. I tried the super flop. My club hit about three inches behind the ball and skipped over it. Then I had to try the same shot again.

    2) I was playing a par 4 the went down the hill and doglegged around a huge oak tree. If you could hit it high and far enough you could cut it over the tree and have nothing left to the green. I tried and basically shanked driver. The next green sits about 50 yds short right off the tee box (this hole runs back up the hill right toward the tee I’m on). My ball buzzed right between two guys on the green. It would have killed either one of them. I couldn’t make a swing for two holes.

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    My most memorable worst shot was one that followed one of if not my best shot ever. I was playing Oak Point at Kiawah. There is a long par 3, I think it was playing 218 that day. It’s a picturesque hole with the marsh in the background just behind the green. My buddies both hit their tee shots short but safe on the fairway. I pull out my three iron which I hit about 200-210 if I catch it well, but not always straight. I hit a beautiful high shot that hits the front of the green and rolls to within 3 inches from the cup. I actually thought I holed it for my first ace. Although as we get closer, I see it isn’t in. Anyway, after my buddies pitch up onto the green, I’m bragging about my shot and how I have a tap in birdie. I line up and notice some grass clippings on my putter. I start to pull my putter away to clean it and tap my ball. It moves about an inch and everybody sees it. So my best shot turns into my most embarrassing shot ever.

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    Too many to remember I think but one of my mate's always makes me chuckle. He pushed his drive toward a pond on our 11th and it stopped a couple of yards short. Lucky! He had a clear shot at the green 180 yards away so whipped out his rescue wood (he refuses to call it a hybrid) and swung for the green. Unfortunately he topped the ball and it bounced up about four metres and arced into the pond.

    Even he thought it was hilarious. I offered to let him have a Mulligan in thanks for the entertainment but he insisted on taking the penalty.

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    On -, @golfgirlrobin said:

    Play long enough and you’ll have a million terrible shots but as I’m sitting out a frost delay right now, my current favorite is a New Year’s Day tee shot back in the late 90’s. There was a frost delay so there were 30+ people standing around the first tee. That made me a little nervous to begin with, but then I half shanked my driver into a tiny, tiny redwood tree twenty yards to my right and it ricocheted straight back at me and landed ten yards behind the tee. I have never been as nervous in my life as I was trying to hit my next shot.

    I still play with some of the same guys and someone has to tell this story every New Year’s.

    Almost the same thing for me... Hit a low screamer with a driver that hit a decorative boulder and shot back at me.

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    I try to forget these, but unfortunately there's one still seared into my mind from this past Saturday.
    1st hole: hit a great drive that needed to be faded around a bunkered corner, hit lob wedge to about 12 feet.... salivating over easy uphill birdie putt, hit about an inch behind the ball ON A FRKN PUTT.. and then still had 6 feet. That's how fat it was. Scared the livin $%^& out of me, so of course I missed the next one too.

    I still don' t know how that happened.

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    Well I generally whiff 3-5 shots every year (trying something stupid out of trees or trying a flop from a fluffy lie). However, I can think of two shots that were awesomely horrendous.
    1.) Flipped my 7 iron over to punch out of some trees. Thought I was Phil and could squeeze a fade through a 1ft gap about 10ft in front of me. Pushed it a bit and the ball ricocheted back and knocked me out. Gave me a nice black eye too. :D
    2.) Par 4 with a forced carry off the tee. Was quite into the wind so I hit driver off the deck. Hit it a bit thin and headshotted a goose that was hanging out on the far bank. The goose fell into the water with a broken neck and started flopping around. The goose's mate flew off honking while all the other geese exited the water and gathered on the far bank to hold a funeral for their brethren. I quit the round at the point, it was way too spooky!

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    On -, @jwhite86 said:

    On -, @golfgirlrobin said:

    Play long enough and you’ll have a million terrible shots but as I’m sitting out a frost delay right now, my current favorite is a New Year’s Day tee shot back in the late 90’s. There was a frost delay so there were 30+ people standing around the first tee. That made me a little nervous to begin with, but then I half shanked my driver into a tiny, tiny redwood tree twenty yards to my right and it ricocheted straight back at me and landed ten yards behind the tee. I have never been as nervous in my life as I was trying to hit my next shot.

    I still play with some of the same guys and someone has to tell this story every New Year’s.

    Almost the same thing for me... Hit a low screamer with a driver that hit a decorative boulder and shot back at me.

    How does this happen? Was playing in Vegas two months back as a single, got rushed to the tee to join a threesome about to tee off, stretched, took a healthy swing with my driver, which hit dead center of a three inch wide pole fifty yards out and headed straight back to me. Wanted to crawl in a hole.

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    Oh this brings up so many bad memories.

    Most memorable, I'm standing on a 511 yard par 5, pull driver. My swing at this point of the season was just terrible, completely in my head, shanking everything cause I'm swinging with just my arms and have completely stopped using my body. So, Par 5, 511 yards, highway-like road to the right. Hole shoots straight north, so the southbound lanes 3-lanes are immediately next to the hole.

    Take a swing, absolutely crush it. Onto a northbound lane...

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    Playing in US Amatuer years ago, I hit a hard hook left of green with long iron, walk up there and paramedics were rubbing back of elder lady who was a volunteer. Maybe not the worst shot but most embarrassing

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    I used to lay into those dividers at the range as a kid. They were made of wood and the “Thump Thud!!” “Thump Thud!!”
    I feel for those 90’s golfers who had to hit beside me. But it was just like a trip for fun to have something to do . Not serious.
    Those were the days !

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    One of my most awful shots was a 400 yard drive that led to a birdie. On the 18th hole at one of our local courses, there's a road that runs alongside the left side of the hole. I duck hooked my tee shot into the street. It bounced about 10 times going down the road and came to rest near the entrance of an elementary school across the street, about pin high on a 400 yard par 4, but 75 yards left. Hit a wedge back over the road to about 8 feet and made the birdie putt.

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