Worst Shot You Ever Had



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    Short par 4, but couldn't hit the driver all day. Last man up so decided to pull out a 3 wood. Match play. Swung and just grazed the ball so that it fell off the tee on the side, not going forward one bit. I just picked up the ball and walked to the next hole as my 3 playing buddies couldn't stop laughing...to this day, whenever we're on that hole, they do not let me forget that shot, thereby making the hole the most stressful hole on the course. Those ****...

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    Low punch shot in the shadows and under a tree, fresh airy.....twice 😩😩

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    Actually happened yesterday. Elevated par 3, not hard generally a for sure par at worst bogey if my putting is off. PW off the tee but top it and rolls off the raised tee box, friends just say whatever and hit again, exact same thing. This point I'm going at taking a drop at the drop area. In the drop area should be an easy pitch but this time skull it right into the water, friends laugh and say they'll give me another shot cause I'll probably do that again and sure enough the exact same thing, so my consistency is on.

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    About 2 years ago. Second hole is a par 5. I hit a monster slice off the tee box that hits a house on the right. The impact was very loud. Tee up and hit 3, and slice it directly into the privacy fence around the house I had just hit. At least their fence knocked my second tee shot back in bounds

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  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX  2060WRX Points: 302Handicap: 17Posts: 2,060 ClubWRX
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    all day!


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    I guess my worst shot was a GW from 110 yards that I pulled into the water on a short par 4.
    Because that was hole #13 and I was -2 for the day having never broken par before. Made a 6 which threw away my cushion. I did make two more birdies and finished at 70.... but it could have been a 68.

  • BM5DBM5D Members  122WRX Points: 148Handicap: 3.5Posts: 122 Fairways
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    We were just talking about this the other day. My worst shot was followed by maybe my best. It was the first year I was playing golf. After a perfect tee shot on a par 5, I had an easy 5i into the green. I had a great round going that day. I proceeded to hit the purest shank in history of man. The ball rocketed about 100 yards to the right into a hazard. After bitching and moaning about what could have been, I took my drop which was now about 110 from the flag. I under clubbed and over swung on the next shot. I think it was a SW (cavity back). I slam dunked my approach for birdie, which took a chunk of the hole. That was an early lesson in never giving up on a hole or a round!

  • BarfolomewBarfolomew #worstWRXer Members  1924WRX Points: 403Posts: 1,924 Platinum Tees
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    Topped the **** out of the ball on a par 3 bounces off everything like a pinball smashes into pin and falls in...

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    Long par 5. 3rd with a 5 hybrid. So underneath it and off the toe it went almost straight right about 40 yarcs into a hazard of thick weeds. Tried to play it out instead of taking a stroke. Took 3 to get out. Made a 3 putt 10.


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  • LodestoneLodestone Members  3373WRX Points: 331Posts: 3,373 Titanium Tees
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    I missed a 2 foot putt, maybe less than 2 feet, straight putt on a green I knew like the back of my hand, in a club championship match, on the 17th hole against a guy who had not only won the club championship more times than I could count, but was also a two-time NY State Am Champion. It was on the 17th hole and would have closed out the match. I was cooked. Of course I proceeded to hack up 18 and the first playoff hole to lose. The shame of it!

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  • bburleigh0625bburleigh0625 New YorkMembers  30WRX Points: 30Handicap: 8Posts: 30 Bunkers
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    I was playing last week and was sitting at 3 over through 15 holes and the 16th was a short par 4 so I decided to hit 3 wood off the tee. Managed to completely top the ball into the ground and barely got it off the front of the box, then followed that up by topping a hybrid into a water hazard that was 50 yards up. Somehow I completely forgot how to play golf on 16 and 17 and took a triple then a double and walked away with an 85 on the day. Funny how this game works!

  • BearQBearQ Members  3667WRX Points: 855Posts: 3,667 Titanium Tees
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    First serious qualifier at 14. Hole #1 of course

    Cold top 5-iron into the ravine just ahead the tee box

    Definitely made me better. Glad it happened


  • CAT GOLFERCAT GOLFER Members  1027WRX Points: 141Posts: 1,027 Platinum Tees
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    Trying to hit a low punch shot under some tree branches, using a low lofted hybrid I hit it so low and pure it hit a root and came right back and hit my lead hand on my middle knuckle. Hand swelled up and I had to hit one handed basically the rest of the round.

  • SNIPERBBBSNIPERBBB Hit Ball Hard SE OhioMembers  3293WRX Points: 843Handicap: 2.9Posts: 3,293 Titanium Tees
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    Toe shank on par 5 #1 at my home course. It crossed over 18 fairway, across the 50 foot wide creek and ended just shy of #12 fairway. Made par.

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  • IndyArcherIndyArcher Members  10WRX Points: 32Posts: 10 Bunkers
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    No idea if it’s my worst but it’s got to be close...and it’s definitely my freshest. Playing with three buddies as a practice round for the league to start the next night. Actually had a pretty nice drive on 14 to the far right side of the fairway. There is a tree that overhangs a little and it shouldn’t have been too much trouble to keep the ball under it. Unfortunately I proved I can do the impossible as I not only hit the branch but sent the ball straight back and up. By the time it hit the ground...well, it actually DIDN’T hit the ground. Here it is sitting on top of the golf cart. We all laughed until we cried. Actually, I may have skipped the laughing part! :p

  • DivinDaveDivinDave Longview TexasMembers  609WRX Points: 128Handicap: 13.8Posts: 609 Golden Tee
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    the shank that went straight sideways. It happens.

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  • ratdg1ratdg1 Columbus, OHMembers  325WRX Points: 98Posts: 325 Greens
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    This morning I hit driver on a par 5 and left a ball mark on the tee box. Not a divot. An f'ing ball mark.

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  • Foozie22Foozie22 NYMembers  20WRX Points: 20Handicap: 19.1Posts: 20 Bunkers
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    Well I shot 104 yesterday so you could have your pick, but knocking my ball into the pond from the drop zone was one of the more annoying highlights of the day. Not to mention the two lost balls.

  • Birdie MacBirdie Mac Members  679WRX Points: 345Posts: 679 Golden Tee
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    So many. Stood on the tee box waiting for the cart girl to get out of range. My bud says, "Dude, please don't hit her." Teed off, pushed my drive, which hit and bounced down the cart path and honed in on her cart like a guided missle. Bud says "You are so ridiculous."

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  • NJpatbeeNJpatbee Ocean County, NJMembers  1595WRX Points: 183Handicap: 15.9Posts: 1,595 Platinum Tees
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    My most recent was a hybrid approach that actually went behind me and to my left about five yards. I try not to dwell on how it was possible.

  • Tweeder15Tweeder15 Members  1WRX Points: 12Handicap: 8Posts: 1 Starters
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    About 5 years ago. I've never finished a round under par and I'm 3 under playing 16. It's a weird dogleg par five 3 shotter unless you can bomb it high over some trees on the right. So I pounded one over the trees, and I've only got 150 in, but I've got to get over some trees again and carry a pond in front of the green. I lay into a PW and just get it on the fringe in 2 but thick rough behind my ball. I should have putted it, instead I chunk my chip, it goes a foot and then rolls back off the green into the pond. I triple it and bogey the last 2 holes for a 74. I've had so many I can't count, but this one sticks out to this day.

  • Munich77Munich77 Members  375WRX Points: 109Posts: 375 Greens
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    I hit a three hybrid on a short par 4, totally topped it and it hit the top of the rail road tie on the tea box and bounced back...right into my thigh!

  • hoselrockerhoselrocker Members  61WRX Points: 30Posts: 61 Bunkers
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    I've got two.
    I was at the range hitting next to this attractive woman who was striping them so I thought I'd impress her by hitting a couple of "draws" which for me is more like a snap hook anyway. During my first attempt I got so twisted up in my stance and alignment that I toed the ball into the metal divider between our stalls which then bounced straight through the driving shack window with a loud enough crash of breaking glass that everybody on the packed range stopped and turned to look in my direction. The hottie next to me turned and smirked knowingly and then she continued striping balls while I went in to offer to pay for the window.

    The second was on a range as well. I was alone and had just finished a decent session and had 5 balls left so I thought I would chip some balls towards a small chipping green which was sort of behind the main hitting area. There is a residential road that runs behind the green. I proceeded to shank the first ball over a short fence just as a brand new Toyota Highlander was rounding the corner. Ball one hops and smashes out one of the headlights. I took complete ownership and offered to pay if the guy would go and get a couple quotes. I thought it might be $400 tops. Wrong! $800 bucks later. Apparently they needed to remove the front end to install the new headlight. Loser

  • TerpFangolferTerpFangolfer Members  702WRX Points: 150Handicap: 6.2Posts: 702 Golden Tee
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    Most recent was a topped 3 wood off 1st tee of the Old Course last year...summer high season so plenty of people about. Still rolled out so I only had a 9i in, bladed it into the burn...yikes.
    Played decent the rest of the way. Birdied Bobby Jones, and great par into the wind on 18 for 81.

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  • KAndyManKAndyMan JUST GOTTA SEND IT!!! Trident/Lowcountry areaMembers  422WRX Points: 173Handicap: ManyPosts: 422 Greens
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    When i was about 13 i was playing at my grandpas course. Short par 3 like 120 or something. COMPLETE brain ****. For some reason i had my 3 wood AND hit it! The ball went straight into a window of a house about 40 yards behind the green. It was probably the most solid 3 wood i had hit to that date. My dad was playing with us and wasnt the least bit happy. Pretty sure he yelled "WHAT THE **** BOY" as soon as the ball left the club face. I felt absolutely horrible but i learned the true lesson of fessing up to your mistakes then and there. Luckily the people that owned the house werent all that upset when i talked to them.

  • aceofclubsaceofclubs Members  859WRX Points: 96Posts: 859 Golden Tee
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    The other day i was 230 yds out on a par 5 under a tree, obviously i had to go for the green.
    Made 4 or 5 practice swings, no branches in the way...ok cool, swing away.
    Take a mighty lash, basically top it, take out some limbs in my follow thru that bounce of my head, hurt a little but nothing major. As im making the 90 yd journey to hit my next shot i feel the blood running down my head.
    Didn’t need stitches but my white hat was ruined.
    Made a 20 footer for bogie.

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    1st hole of a tournament. I didn't feel good about my swing. So, I teed off with my 3 wood. Hit it pure....and pulled it (no joke) 100 yards to the left. Never will forget that one...

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  • MychMych Members  2205WRX Points: 409Posts: 2,205 Platinum Tees
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    I think I posted one before, but I have a new one. A few weeks ago I was 1 over through 17 holes, on pace to smash my best score of 79. Shanked a 6 iron approach into a pond, leading to a triple bogey on 18 for a 76. Worst shot of the last year by a large margin because of the significance.

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