Summer Sale medium shirts (Callaway & Sligo) Apex UT

Unloading minimum worn shirts that are to small because I like food too much.

All shirts in good condition with no stains or holes. Some may have been worn 3-4 times max.

Callaway shirts $30 for all 3

Sligo shirts $15 each

All shirts $50 total

Callaway shirts all size Medium Navy, Black & Green


  • jgard320jgard320 ClubWRX Posts: 298 ClubWRX
    Paypal sent for Apex UT on 12/1. No shipping confirmation received. Asked for update on 12/6. Seller apologized and said it was late due to weather and would ship on 12/8. Reached out on 12/9 asking for shipping confirmation. No response was given even though seller was active on 12/9. I have opened a paypal claim and seller has yet to respond here or on paypal. After opening the claim, I formally requested a refund on 12/10. Seller has yet to respond as of this post.
  • jgard320jgard320 ClubWRX Posts: 298 ClubWRX
    Could you please stop playing games and just refund my purchase? It’s clear you have read this and you have lied twice now, to me and to moderators, about shipping out “tomorrow.” You haven’t even acknowledged the PayPal claim. This won’t just go away if you think you can ignore it and steal my money. PayPal will rule in my favor and you will probably end up banned from wrx. Do the right thing and refund my purchase
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