Anyone else miss Golfsmith?



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    Tanner25 wrote:

    in austin (their HQ) they had a huge driving range. my sales people moved over to golf galaxy, so that's a plus.

    The Raleigh store had a driving range, too. Not large. but, a cool way to check out clubs.

    I spent many of my lunch breaks banging balls at the Raleigh location. You could just pick up anything from the used rack and go hit it on the launch monitors. I ended up buying several clubs that way and always went there for new grips. The location was replaced by a golf Galaxy / ****'s and while it's really big and nice there's something just stale about it. There's not much of a used selection and they aren't as keen on people hitting on the launch monitors.

    Sounds like south Denver. GS had a huge new store. GG moved in there and just doesn’t have the same feel.
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    I like Golfsmith in principle- lots of choices and great club selection. My experience is most of the folks that work there- in Nashville- have not been positive.
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    I miss the annual all vendors demo days in Austin. Once a year you had all the major vendors and new equipment to hit outdoors. As a lefty it was great to be able to hit clubs that a lot of places never kept as demos. It also worked - bought Ping G30's because of it and several woods.
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    in austin (their HQ) they had a huge driving range. my sales people moved over to golf galaxy, so that's a plus.

    I miss their Fall Tent, you could find EXCELLENT deals on clubs, shoes, and apparel!
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    I always preferred the golfmart over golfsmith here in the Bay Area. Plenty of selections of new and pre-owned covering major OEMs to some not so common brands. I had a couple returns done there with no complaints
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    The GG that opened when our Golfsmith closed has the smallest used club selection of any golf store I've seen. Golfsmith had an entire corner of the store dedicated to used clubs, plus dozens of used putters. I'd estimate that GG carries less than 10% of the used inventory that our Golfsmith had.

    A few weeks ago I went wedge-shopping and they had exactly 3 used right handed wedges. The old Golfsmith generally had a variety of brands and models, probably at least a dozen options in each loft (pw/gw/sw/lw).

    For a club ho like me, that's a huge loss.
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    Always liked Golfsmith even when they were more of a catalog store selling OEMs, components and golf supplies.
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    I stopped going when PGA SS opened.
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    We had one by me and it was just horrible. The store management was obviously asleep at the wheel and just based on my experience with that store I wasn't surprised to see them fold. Golf Galaxy took over after Golfsmith went down but now they're just stuffing Got Galaxy into ****'s and closing the stand alone Golf Galaxy store. Maybe the green grass days are slowly coming back.
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    The ones I dealt with, when I lived in the Houston area, in the past were really good. Now that I'm living in the Tampa area, I use Edwin Watts and have found them to be great to deal with.
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