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Howdy y'all.

I am the cat wrangler for a guys trip for the masters. I have 8 golfers coming into Tampa for everyone's favorite tournament in April.

This thing gets pretty rowdy, and I wanted to see if anyone knew of a company that will handle the tee times and transporting some drunk guys to and from the course.

I can piece it together (I've done it 5 times in the past in Las Vegas) but it becomes a total circus dealing with uber.

I'm hoping to find a company that uses a bus or a van.

Any ideas? I had quite from one company, but once they found out I was only dealing with 8 golfers, they put a 30 percent gratuity on the whole deal (insane?)


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    Tee times? Did some of you qualify?
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    No, we will just be playing golf for 3 or 4 days.
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    Ivyguy wrote:

    No, we will just be playing golf for 3 or 4 days.

    I was just giving you a hard time. Between the way you worded it and me reading it early in the morning before coffee I couldn't discern how the Masters and Tampa fit together. So, basically you've put a bunch of tee times together around greater Tampa during Masters weekend for a couple of foursomes, but you'd like to figure out a Tampa van operator so all of your guys can fit in one rig. Makes sense. I put together these kinds of logistics professionally for a long time and it seems you have a quagmire of sorts. Basically, you can schedule each trip on short notice and risk needing to cram into two cars or order a third, or you can pay big bucks to have a van and driver at your service for the duration of the trip. My first line of defense would actually be consulting your lodging. If there is a concierge they may be able to help. Some hotels even have a van they might allow an employee to run you around a little. Best of luck. Seems it would be nice if there was a way that Uber set you up with the same driver who has a vehicle to fit your needs. With a guaranteed number of trips a driver might be willing to be a little more flexible with their schedule.
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    You also might need a bail bondsman.
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    Lol, now that I read my original post, I get it. We tried to go... I dont think the boys in green would let this group out there.

    It's kind of a "family reunion" of sorts. So I am going to have to cater to a variety of budgets. Some guys want to play top notch places and are willing to pay. Others just want to get out of winter a little earlier and will go shoot 100 on a muni for the right price.

    In Vegas, the uber situation worked ok... my brother (who doesn't drink when he plays for cash) drove the bulk of the group. It's his vacation too, so I would like to avoid that.

    I dont know. Maybe uber is the best route. To keep the cost in check, we were going to put everyone up in a big Air BnB. There are good options that will put guys at about 50 bucks per day. I will have to look into a local van service.

    Maybe it's a business opportunity?
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    Dealing with different budgets can be tricky. Props for attempting. AirBnB's represent a ton of value sometimes, hopefully you find a good one.

    At the very least I think we stumbled across a great suggestion for Uber and / or Lyft...let's call it Uber XXL.

    I live in a pretty small community and don't use Uber much locally mostly just when I travel, but I opened the app. out of curiosity to see what is available at this moment if I had say a group of 8 that wanted to go to the airport. They do have an Uber XL version with seats for up to 6 passengers. At least with a couple of those you wouldn't be in a caravan. Don't know if a bigger market would offer a bigger assortment of vehicles including some real passenger vans.

    I was going to suggest a rental van, too, if say your brother and another guy or two was willing to take shifts. The trick being to know when to say when and tell folks you're going out to get drunk and everybody needs to chip in on a cab home. But, I'm the same way as your bro and don't drink on the course when I'm really playing, so a beer or two in the clubhouse and then back to the house where I can retire the keys. Best wishes, and most importantly have fun!
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    “a company that will handle the tee times and transporting some drunk guys to and from the course. ”

    I highly doubt you will find a company that does both, these are just vastly different niches. Maybe try your tee times through Golfpac and see if they have recs for a driver service.

    I popped “Tampa group transportation” into google and a ton of options came up. Don’t pass up the limo companies, they will have vans and party buses as well.
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    Every large city has a variety of livery services.

    Call some of the smaller ones, they'll be more willing to work with you, especially since golf transportation times are most likely not their busiest hours.

    Have your schedule in hand and let them know your shopping around.
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    TeeTimesUSA.com is very good for FL and Tampa golf packages, golf only or with lodging.

    Golf Packagers are not going to include transportation, but they might give you some leads.
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