What clubs do you generally chip/pitch with green side?



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    jonn443 wrote:

    50* or PW.

    Gary player and Jack Nicklaus both said the goal is to get the ball onto the green enrolling as fast as possible. I'm pretty sure they used 8-PW mostly to chip.

    We should probably take what Gary and Jack used in their prime with a grain of salt. The advice is still appropriate, but the club choices these days tend to be more high lofted wedges because of the much faster green speeds. Green speeds in the 60s and 70s rarely got much above 8 on the stimp. Even in the 80s green speeds were just beginning to reach double digit stimp except for a few places of note (Oakmont, Augusta, etc...).

    Let me clarify I personally use a PW or my 50*.

    In regards to Nicklaus and Player, it doesn't really matter on green speed. Their main advise was to keep it low and get it rolling on the green and almost treat it like a putt (using the break).

    It totally matters on green speeds dude. That was his point. Super fast greens with undulations, plateuas and more psycho tucked pins...good luck hitting running chips you'd have to judge it perfectly, it's harder in many circumstances. Far easier to throw it in the air and check it for a lot of green side shots, it's the higher % play. That's why it's refreshing to play links where you can actually use the ground. There are too many courses that have made bump n runs nearly obsolete. Of course it's easier to make good contact but that doesn't promise the best result.

    You need skill with a 55-60* wedge or youre just throwing away shots if you play all the courses North America has to offer. No chance you could survive/shoot lowest possible scores with bump n run only

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    The higher a player's HC the quicker he/she should get it on the green and rolling. The contact will be more consistent (than with more loft) and he/she can judge the roll better than the flight distance (and roll).

    The lower your HC the more consistently you strike the ball and the more you will get more comfortable carrying the ball specific distances and letting it run out. While the pros will sometimes use an 8 or 9 iron for long-ish chips, they mostly have much shorter ones and rely mainly on 1, maybe 2, different chipping clubs, often the most lofted ones. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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