Post updated, 6 Putters Left! Spider Tour, Highway 101, RSX Milled,...

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Need to thin the herd, so here are 10 putters that never quite made the rotation for one reason or another. Cash is king, but Anser 2 style putters (especially Yes! tour putters - Dawn, Callie, etc) are my weakness. All prices are OBO and include shipping. PM me with any questions.

1.) Taylormade TP Juno - 35", new (grip and head in wrapping), superstroke pistol gtr grip - $100 $90

2.) Taylormade TP Soto - 34", new (grip and head in wrapping), superstroke pistol gtr grip - Sold

3.) Taylormade Spider Tour Red w/ sightline (slant neck) - 35", picked up with shop credit but looks like it's seen the course a bit, slight paint chip on top line near toe and bottom edge that I didn't notice until taking these pics, superstroke pistol gtr grip - $175 $165

4.) Odyssey Highway 101 #2 - 35", couple small dings on the flange that I didn't notice until today (I can't see them from address) that I tried to get in the picture, standard Iomic grip - $150 traded

5.) Odyssey RSX Milled Collection #2 - 34", "SM" stamped on the toe-side bumper. Bought this on here last year as tour issue, but haven't verified. As far as I know the #2 style wasn't released for this model. gripmaster leather grip - $200 traded

6.) Odyssey O-works Black 3t - 34.25", I cut this down from 35", Iomic standard grip (guy tapped it on a bit to hard, so the top is cut a bit from the shaft) - $115 $105

7.) Seemore mFGP2 - 34.25", absolutely loved the feel of this but couldn't do the Seemore style. This one has been gamed a bit and has lead tape on the sole, velcro on the cover is pretty weak but still holds, golf pride tour snsr pistol - Sold

8.) Kenny Giannini G7 - 34", underrated putter maker here with very nice millings, love the shape and feel just can't putt with it. There is a finish imperfection on the sole and a couple tiny dings on the back edge of the top line. the headcover velco is a bit week but seems to hold during play - Sold

9.) Ping Anser 2 Milled - 34.5", love the look and feel of this but just can't make em (perhaps it's me?) with it. My favorite headcover style for sure. beat up Winn Triple Line grip that could use replacing and a loose piece of tape or epoxy in the shaft that can be removed when changing grips - Sold

10.) Nike Method Converge B1-01 Counterflex - 38", I have the counterflex insert for this, but it isn't installed and I can't find the key for it so it will be sent uninstalled. $95 $85
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    Great deals!
    WITB (for this week =)
    - TC GBB 9.0 w/KK SS 60s Proto
    - TC Alpha 816 16* w/Voodoo 7s
    -Tour Issue Dhy Pro 21* / 18* hybrids w/Matrix Tour White/Black Ties
    -Mp63 raw 4-p w/Black Smoke KBS120s
    -Mp10 52-56-60’s
    -Putter - revolving door but lean towards Tour Issue Ody’s

    Testing - Everything and Anything to try and improve. Golf is all what you make of it!

    ***always up for trades***
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    Seemore, Ping, Giannini, and Soto sold. Listening to offers on remaining putters.
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    PM sent. Thanks
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    Is the Juno still for sale?
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