jumbomax swing weight



  • extrastiffextrastiff Members Posts: 910 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Update… I ended up adding a bunch of weight to the club heads, and it made a massive difference in being able to get a smooth tempo, and cover the ball.

    Because I went with a lighter shaft, I feel as though it's playable. At least it's not any heavier than Bryson's extra large jumbo maxes and 130 g shafts.


    g400 max 9* | hzrdus black 75 6.5
    g400 15.5* | tensei white 80tx
    p790 3i | steelfiber 95x
    919tour 4-9 | x100
    md3 46*8 | x100
    sm6 52*8, 56*8, 60*4 | s400 ti
    red X3
    tour velvet
    3 piece ball

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