Ladies European Tour Andalucia Costa del Sol Open.

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It was nice to have a live feed available through YouTube for viewing this and congratulations and commiserations to those taking part in some pretty miserable weather which in turn lead to very difficult course conditions.

Despite efforts of the groundstaff the fairways were sodden,placing was allowed but more than a few shots were hit 'fat' and control into the greens became very tricky,some balls were zipping back and others took no spin at all,finding the pace of the greens also looked testing and quite a few putts appeared to be tracking only to dip away right at the cup which indicated that the greens were soft to the point that the immediate area around the cup had become 'crowned' by virtue of footfall.

There was some excellent golf despite this and a great win for Anne Van Dam who will be playing LPGA next year along with Aza Munoz who is fit and swinging the club beautifully.

Anne won two victories today,the golf and then a battle to avoid being dumped in the lake by the other girls of the LET family!

Worth a look in a spare moment.


  • Anne will be the longest hitter on the LPGA next season, 110mph club head speed with driver and hits high towering iron shots. Once she finds her feet and comfort level over there, the sky is the limit.
  • ClairefromClareClairefromClare Posts: 414 ✭✭
    She's great fun to watch. Does need to work on her short game, but that's not unusual.
  • Chris122Chris122 Banned Posts: 611 ✭✭
    Most of the talk was about Georgia Hall which is understandable given her Womens' Open victory but the LPGA is another level and I agree that there will be a period of adjustment and assimilation required.

    Anne,I understand,already has a US base organised,will be good to see her in the mix.
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    AVD is a class act. She has the firepower to reduce firmer running US courses to pitching contests. Georgia needs to believe just how good she is. Same with Munoz. A shame the final event of the season was played on such a poor venue. Weather aside the course looked squeezed onto a narrow, and hilly patch of land.
  • Chris122Chris122 Banned Posts: 611 ✭✭
    I agree,looking at some of the drop-offs like where Aza's ball disappeared (!) it was land that couldn't be used for building so they slotted the golf course in there.

    Some of it with those almost overhanging cliffs looked a bit claustrophobic and depressing and those soggy faairways looked about the same as ours in the UK!

    I was amazed at the stupidity of the cameramen standing in front of the tee on 18 and Aza was obviously distracted by them.

    Maybe Georgia needs dad on the bag rather than the bf to give her more confidence and I'm not a fan of her putting stroke either,it's not as consistent as it should be,Ariya Jutanugarn is the benchmark.
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