John Senden at the Australian PGA



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    b.helts wrote:

    lowheel wrote:

    I don't know who, but someone threw an F bomb in the background when he was told about the tee position.

    As he should, its a terrible rule with no real life application. There is no advantage to be gained in this scenario. Senden has alot of lag and is a prolific ball striker. He should be allowed to tee it down.

    The ball shouldn't have been in play to begin with. BUT, once it was deemed to have been in play, the only option was for him to have to play it as it lied.

    Yes of course, however any rules official should be able to see how unpractical it is in this scenario and allow the player to adjust the balls tee height.its not cheating or creating an advantage for the player over the field in any way. We have to modernize some of these rulings and allow a rules official to step in and allow things in these rare insane circumstances
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    Swing still looks better than mine.
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