Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Golf prizm shades, other models, $70/shipped

Rory4PresRory4Pres Members Posts: 918 ✭✭
Thought I'd share this with you for anybody needing some new shades. Great deal on new oakleys (authentic from a reputable company) for $70/shipped.

There's about 9 models available including the flak 2.0 xl shades with Golf prizm lenses.




  • bubbagumpbubbagump SLDR $5000 Challenge The EmpireMembers Posts: 5,548 ✭✭
    I feel anytime a website Ive never heard of has to state "Authenticity Guaranteed" I am sketched out...
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  • ArpeggiArpeggi Members Posts: 3,686
    I’ve bought watches from them. They are legit.
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  • Rory4PresRory4Pres Members Posts: 918 ✭✭
    I simply noted the authentic part in my post because I figured somebody would ask or wonder about that.

    Ebay's 25% off promo deal today offers some great prices on oakleys as well. Can't promise they will be authentic but you can judge that for yourself.
  • typhoonoidtyphoonoid Members Posts: 877 ✭✭
    joma is legit I bought my apple watch from them
  • george49george49 ClubWRX Posts: 259 ClubWRX
    Received my field prizms (next years darker golf prizm lol ) yesterday, the seem authentic to me.
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