Shot personal best on final round of the year.

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We had almost 60 degree day today up in MA. Shot 75 ... 2 birds, 12 pars , 2 atrocious three putts within 20 feet , 2 doubles. Had FIVE bird bids hang on the edge of the cup and not fall . Hit a personal best 16 of 18 greens. After a dreadfully bad late summer where I basically had the driver yips , I finished with rounds of 78,79,78,78,75. Now the 4 months of miserable winter
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    Well done. Comeback story.

    75 is good anywhere.
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    That is cruel. Good golf (better than I usually play) just makes me want to play more and now you are benched. Condolences!

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    That's the worst.. to end on that note is like hate mail from lady winter playing just the tip...congrats and condolences:)
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