Handle dragging vs Monte's no turn cast drill

For my entire golf life, I have struggled with getting the club forward enough in the transition/ds, so that I have little or no shaft lean at impact. I took a lesson from a new teacher to see if a new set of eyes could help.

The instructor said that I had the opposite problem, that I was dragging the handle too much through impact. But in a FO video, at P6 the entire shaft was behind my right thigh. Like always, I threw the club at the ball to keep from hitting it fat, and no shaft lean at impact.

He also said that at impact with an iron or driver, the handle should point toward my navel, and that I should try to chicken wing my left arm slightly to short my swing radius and avoid shanks (never mind that my bad miss is usually toward the toe).

Reminded of Monte's no turn cast drill, I asked the instructor if his recommended impact position was reality, or was he just trying to get me to move my arms forward more quickly. He said it was reality.

Any ideas on how to interpret all this? It seems to go against everything I see in elite players.


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