Bunkerless holes-how many?



  • putts4bogeyputts4bogey Puppies and Butterflies Members Posts: 1,648
    My home course has 27 holes. All of them are well protected by bunkers.
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    We have seven holes that are bunkeless. But bunkers aren’t really an important part of the courses’s defense as most of them are to the side of the greens. I think only one greenside bunker is really is play if you’re in the fairway.

    Possibly why our rating and slop is pretty low.
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    All of the holes at my home course have bunkers. They have started filling a bunch of them in though. I can think of at least 4 bunkers that were filled in with sod later in the season, which I think will make it 1 bunkerless hole next season. One of them on 17 it looked like they were turning it into a pot bunker. They had a new wall build and still had it torn up around where the rest of the bunker used to be.
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    My course has bunkers on every hole but also has several with no fairway bunkers. Water on a handful of holes but to go in would take a poor shot. We have a few dogleg holes that require a decent tee shot (played from the proper tee box) to have open shot to green. Many greens have drop-offs to the rear or the side so hitting greens is critical to avoid difficult recovery shot.
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    thejuice wrote:
    I think the best designed courses are the ones that put hazards in play to affect the golfers options, not just because. I've played courses with very few bunkers that are just as hard as courses with them scattered everywhere. Grass bunkers, water hazards, mounds, sloping fairways and greens, very large greens, and tree-lined fairways can make for just as much challenge as a bunker shot. Honestly, sand shots don't scare me like they do some. I'd much rather have a bunked lined fairway than a tight-chute type tree-lined tee shot into the wind with water left and OB right. Now that's scary!!!!

    Yes to this.

    I seem to recall that a old school Donald Ross course I played in southern Ohio has some holes without sand. It reminded about something I read where Ross wrote he preferred avoiding artificial hazards, and that included putting sand in areas where it didn’t exist naturally. The thing about that course was I realized there were holes without sand bunkers, but a few of them had grass bunkers and I found them tougher than sound bunkers.
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    All 18 at my course have bunkers. All the holes except one have bunkers impacting the tee shot. All greens have several bunkers protecting them. However, there is plenty of room opposite the bunkers to hit the fairway and the green for that matter. The bunkers are not put in spots that are unnecessarily penal, but an errant shot will have a good chance of finding trouble. I like the bunkering so one has to be somewhat purposeful with each shot. Not target golf, but avoid one side or the other. With all that said, the course also uses mounds and slopes to increase the challenge as well.
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