First fitting - advice or thoughts welcome!

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Hi All, new to the forums, figured I'd throw this out there... I'm going in for my first fitting tomorrow and I was wondering if y'all had anything helpful in terms of what to make sure I do, what to make sure the fitter does, things to remember etc. It's just for irons this time, so that should simplify it. Ideally I'm looking to get a set built in time for a trip to Bandon in early January.

In case this is relevant - I started playing last summer (2017), got the bug, and have subsequently played upwards of 120 rounds. Most everything I know about the swing was learned via YouTube, but I seem to have got the hang of it. I currently play standard Mizuno JPX 800 Pro irons I bought off eBay when starting, and I shoot on average low to mid 80's. My iron ball striking is pretty pure, most all of my strokes gained are off the tee or because I take dumb risks. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Take your current 6 iron to the fitting with you.
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    Just relax, enjoy it and be honest.

    You'll love getting fit for the first time, don't be upset if you hit it a bit shorter than you thought and enjoy it if you hit it further than you thought image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    At the same time be honest about the sort of clubs you want, you may find you perform slightly better with one type of club but much prefer the look of another. It's about finding a balance between what makes you happy when you look in the bag and what performs best for you

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    Take 6 iron with you if looking at mizuno. 7 iron if comparing to other brands. Make sure you hit it as a baseline.

    Biggest mistakes I've make is looking too much at numbers and not taking current iron with me. Thankfully I now know good and bad numbers on trackman for me.

    My advice, be more concerned about feel and comfort. Dont worry about just distance. You need to be able to make repeatable swings and be comfortable. Look at best and worst shots and dispersion. End of the day, we have to play golf and it is easy to get sucked into big launch monitor numbers. You need good ball speed, height, spin and decent angle. Along with direction control. Some of the best irons on trackman were horrible on a golf course for me (Steelhead XR). Went for miles but I hit random hooks and flyers. They were all over the place.
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    Try to have some ideas in mind about clubs you'd like to try. Most fitters will ask this to get a starting point. Don't swing out of your shoes on every shot to see how big the number can get. Be open to finding what works best for you. Remember to have fun, its not everyday you get to hit a bunch of new models.
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    Don't let the fitter talk you into a specific club/brand/etc. A lot of times they are more salesman than fitters.
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