GGE's 2018 Year End Customer Appreciation Tour Driver Sale

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We came up with a little idea to thank the great customers here who have really established us a high end retailer here. That truly wasn't our intention when we began to sponsor the forum, however the evolution has been both rewarding and fun, and I have a new job description which allows me to interact with you guys every day. I love it!

So anyway, you are all aware we carry Taylormade Tour issue M3 and M4 driver heads, and that the price is $449. We also carry a variety of high end and prototype shaft product, which generally vary in cost from $300-500 per shaft. What we are doing for any customer who has purchased anything of $250 or more in the calendar year of 2018 the following deal.

You can choose either an M3 or M4 Tour head of your desired specs, hand selected from inventory for you. Combine this with any Mitsubishi or Aldila shaft with the exception of Diamana X, or Tensei Pro Orange ($75 upcharge), Rogue 130 ($50 upcharge), ATX Protos ($50 upcharge) for the following price as a BUILT driver. We will even include a brand new headcover.

Normal Price = $800-900

Customer Appreciation Price = $645

Additional shipping charges may apply, and grip is standard Tour Velvet. Grip upcharges apply

*This sale applies to ONLY new orders placed AFTER Dec 6, 2018.

Please click the link above for our Sponsor area with rare and Tour only products.
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