Greetings from Norfolk, UK

Hi All,

Just introducing myself - I've been playing golf for a few years, but only seriously since early 2017 , in which time I've managed to get down to a 14 (though during the summer when the extra roll masked my poor long game).

I always enjoy talking about golf online, sharing tips etc and this looks like a good friendly forum to migrate to. Looking forward to some good discussion.


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    Welcome to this amazing "all things golf" board.

    If ever along your travels here, you have a question - no matter how bad it sounds to ask - always feel free.

    And, if you need any help understanding how to nagivate these treacherous waters - just shoot me a PM (private messsage) and I'll do my best to help you.

    Which, you will find, most all of the people here are more than willing to do.
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