Different Titleist custom catalogues US vs Europe?

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Looking at the TS woods, is the Titleist custom catalogue different in the US and Europe? When looking at custom shafts provided at European retailers, there are only about 40 options, but the US catalogue (link below) has over 100. For example, there are no high-end Kuro Kages or Tensei Pros and more limited options in Hzrdus.

Is it just that the Euro retailers I've found that have gone for fewer options; or doesn't Titleist offer a full customer catalogue in Europe?

US custom catalogue: http://media.titleis...tom-Options.pdf

Picture from one of the largest online Euro retailers, with relatively few shaft options for the TS drivers. Where are the Tensei Pros, for example?

Thanks for your help!
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    Its payback for the Ryder Cup. If y'all would ease up on us, we will start giving you more shaft options.
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    I believe the situation to be that all of the shafts available in the US are available certainly in the UK, I would imagine Europe as well. The might not show up with online retailers but they are all available. It might be that you would need to purchase from a Club Pro who deals with Titleist but I certainly know of a couple of guys that are bagging super exotic shafts so to speak.

    Also having been to the Titleist National Fitting Centre and seen the selection of shafts available for custom fit, they definitely carry everything you could possibly imagine.
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