Mentor/ junior scramble tournament

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I’m having a mentor/ student scramble next year.

I’m looking for suggestive ideas on fun and educational ideas.

We have a 1st year, starting our 2nd, Junior league and we are learning on the fly. Thank you for any and all posts.


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    Not sure if you are asking for format ideas, but me and my son played in a parent/child last weekend that used the Chapman format:

    - Parent Tees off from Normal "white" tees, Child tees off from age appropriate tees.

    - Parent plays second shot of childs ball, Child plays second shot of Parents ball.

    - then pick best ball and play alternate shot in

    Great format for mixed adult/kid matches or even mens/ladies. If the junior can hit the ball decent off the tee, the adult is usually left with a shortish approach shot so scores are low which is fun for everyone.
  • DGord10DGord10 ClubWRX Posts: 38 ClubWRX
    If you are looking for format ideas, I have two - one more basic and one more advanced. My son and I have played in a number of parent/child events where it was a scramble for the entire event, with the parents teeing off from the normal tees and the kids from age appropriate tees - I like that since it works with a variety of ability levels without putting too much pressure on either parent or child on any given shot - and both have a great chance to contribute shots.

    If it is a more advanced group of both parents and kids and a bit more competitive, then I like the format that the local kid's tour uses for their parent/child events - 1st 6 holes are scramble, 2nd 6 holes are alternate shot and 3rd 6 holes are best ball. A bit more pressure, particularly for alternate shot - but it leaves things a bit more balanced because both the parent and kid have to come through at different times so scoring cannot be dominated by the ability of just the parent or the kid.
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